How to Migrate from Altiris to SCCM ConfigMgr in less than 24 hours? Configuration Manager

Let’s learn How to Migrate from Altiris to SCCM ConfigMgr in less than 24 hours? Configuration Manager 3rd party tools help you to migrate from Altiris to CofnigMgr within a day?

We can learn more about these migration tactics in the following sections of this post.

Want to Migrate from Altiris to SCCM in less than 24 hours?

Altiris was once the king of software deployment. However, that was a long time ago. Altiris is now incarnated as the Symantec Client Management Suite (powered by Altiris™ technology). While it still holds a strong customer base, ConfigMgr (SCCM) dominates the systems management market.

By some counts, SCCM has over 75% of the market. SCCM has gone far away in this comparison, and rather I would say there is no comparison. System management is just a subset of the capabilities of SCCM. Rather SCCM is a full-fledged “Device Management” solution.

If you are currently running Altiris, you have probably looked at migrating to SCCM but are intimidated by the difficulty.

  • Complexity – How do you migrate thousands of pieces of Altiris content into SCCM without months of administrative effort?
  • Network impact – How do you redeliver content to remote facilities without burdening the network?
  • Disruption – How do you migrate endpoints from Altiris to SCCM without service interruptions or lengthy rollout cycles?
  • Time – How long is this all going to take and at what cost?
How to Migrate from Altiris to SCCM
How to Migrate from Altiris to SCCM

How to Migrate from Altiris to SCCM ConfigMgr in less than 24 hours?

Some enhanced technology can make SCCM much easier to deploy and much faster to use. For example, SCCM requires a large server infrastructure, whereas modern peer-to-peer technologies can eliminate that need. Also, there are better network delivery protocols available now than BITS.

However, the greatest challenges for Altiris migration can only be met with customized automation. How to Migrate from Altiris to SCCM ConfigMgr in less than 24 hours? Configuration Manager

Adaptiva has enhanced its OneSite product with new technology specifically designed to improve Altiris migrations. Most importantly, it can automatically migrate content, database entries, etc., from Altiris to SCCM.


It reads the Altiris database and converts all software releases automatically into SCCM applications. This eliminates the months that could otherwise be spent re-creating these in SCCM.

Adaptiva How to Migrate from Altiris to SCCM ConfigMgr?

Although Adaptiva has great technology for safely moving data fast over the network, OneSite brings a far better solution to Altiris migrations. It converts all the remote content into SCCM content.

Suppose your headquarters are in Paris, and you have an office in Santiago, Chile, with all the Altiris content staged on a package server. You don’t need to re-deliver the content from Paris to Santiago.

Instead, OneSite will convert the content already located in Santiago into SCCM, storing it in Santiago’s high-availability peer-to-peer Virtual SAN. Now imagine that instead of one remote site, you have hundreds or thousands, and you can see how months or years of migration can be accomplished in just minutes.

Because the OneSite client can operate even when the SCCM client is not yet installed, OneSite can easily install the SCCM client and uninstall the Altiris client—worldwide.

You can do this in sequence, or all of them to run in parallel until you are ready to de-commission Altiris. OneSite makes it easy to stage and stagger this migration.

Download How to Migrate from Altiris to SCCM ConfigMgr Brochure

If you have unique requirements, you can easily customize the process without coding. The entire solution is written in OneSite’s powerful visual Workflow Designer and Engine. There is no special cost either; it’s provided free to customers of OneSite. If you’d like to get more information, you can download this Rapid Altiris to the SCCM Migration brochure.


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