Increase WMI Default Memory Allocation for ConfigMgr Server

WMI is an integral part of ConfigMgr (SCCM). Let’s see How to increase WMI Default Memory Allocation for ConfigMgr Servers.


Many SCCM issues could be directly linked with WMI. One of them could be SCCM console connectivity issues like “The ConfigMgr Provider reported an error connecting to the ConfigMgr site database server”.

Update: I have never tested this for Task Sequence export-related topic ­čÖé 18th March 2020.

This could be because the server doesn’t have enough WMI memory to handle all the processes (old win2k3 servers).

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WMI Explorer Architecture -Increase WMI Default Memory Allocation
Increase WMI Default Memory Allocation- WMI Architecture

For More details on __ProviderHostQuotaConfiguration

Solution | FIX – Increase WMI Default Memory Allocation

The solution is to increase the WMI default memory. See, the below steps to achieve the same.

NOTE! – Please try this in LAB environment. I don’t think it’s recommended changing WMI memory configuration directly on the production servers. Take a snapshot of the servers before the change to be on the safer side.

1E Nomad

1) Run “wbemtest” on cmd prompt
2) Connect to the “root” namespace (not “root\default”, just “root”)
3) Select Open Instance, and specify “[email protected]
4) Check “Local Only” for easier readability and you will see the threshold values
5) Change the MemoryPerHost value to something greater – eg. Double it (256 MB)
6) Save Property
7) Save Object
8) Exit


Also, see the Sample VB Script Code:

Dim locator: Set locator = CreateObject("WbemScripting.SWbemLocator")
Dim wmi: Set wmi = locator.ConnectServer("", "root")
Dim quota: Set quota = wmi.Get("[email protected]")
quota.MemoryPerHost = 384*1024*1024

It’s always better to restart┬áthe box after applying this change.


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