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Let’s dive into installation guide “Extend AD Schema for SCCM.” Do you want to extend AD Schema to ConfigMgr to work? AD schema extension not mandatory but I recommend to extend the schema wherever possible.

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NOTE! – What are the changes expected with Active Directory Extension? You can refer to the Schema extensions for Configuration Manager.

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Prerequisites – Extend AD Schema for SCCM

SCCM AD schema extension the schema is a one-time action for any forest. Also, if AD schema is already extended for SCCM 2007 and 2012, then no need to extend the schema again.

  • The user who is performing the AD Schema extension should have Active Directory Schema admin access rights
  • Access to ConfigMgr Source files (as you can see below)
  • Perform the action from Schema master domain controller server
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Extend Active Directory Schema for SCCM

To extend the Active Directory Schema for SCCM, you need to follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Login to Schema Master DC server with Schema admin access rights
  • Copy X64 folder needed for AD Schema extension
    • The following folder SMSSETUP\BIN\X64 contains depended DLL files for schema extension. So it’s better to copy the entire X64 folder on the ConfigMgr installation media
Copy X64 folder from ConfigMgr installation media - Extend AD Schema for SCCM
Copy X64 folder from ConfigMgr installation media – Extend AD Schema for SCCM

NOTE! – In this example, I’m going to use the tool called Extadsch.exe to extend the schema. However, when you have options

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  • Run the Extadsch.exe tool
    • Or use the LDIFDE command-line utility with the ConfigMgr_ad_schema.ldf file
Successfully extended the Active Directory schema. - Extend AD Schema for SCCM
Successfully extended the Active Directory schema – Extend AD Schema for SCCM

Results of AD Schema Extension

Please refer to the ConfigMgr documentation for instructions on the manual configuration of access rights in active directory which may still need to be performed. (Although the AD schema has now be extended, AD must be configured to allow each ConfigMgr Site security rights to publish in each of their domains.)


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