Learn How to Fix Windows 10 Microsoft Surface Video Player and Sound Issue

Since last few months, I’m facing intermediate video player and sound issues with Microsoft Surface.  In Windows 10, sound/audio and video player issues are not very rare. I tried to update the Audio drivers without any luck. I still don’t have a permanent fix or resolution for Microsoft Surface Audio/Sound issue. There is an ugly workaround to fix the issue on temporary basis and that is explained in this post. So what about video player issue? Most of the time Windows 10 Microsoft Surface video player issues are because of the issues with sound/audio. Once we fix audio/sound issue then the video player issue will get resolved automatically.

Video tutorial to fix Sound and Video Issues with Windows 10 Surface device !

YouTube player Error : – An error occurred please try again later (playback ID —–)
Movies & TV Windows Universal Application Error :- Can’t play, Please try again. If the problem continues, visit www.xbox.com/support to check for guidance… Error 0x800705aa
Sound Error :- Sound Test, Error – Failed to play test tone

How to fix NO SOUND and VIDEO player issues in Windows 10 Surface device

  1. Open Windows 10 Settings page (more details here) and type in Device Manager in search box and Tap/Click on Device Manager from the below list.Surface_3_Sound_Issue_1
  2. Navigate through Device Manager and expand the section called Sound, Video and Game Controllers. Click on the Audio/Sound device called “Intel SST Audio Device (WDM)” and click on the UNINSTALL (X icon) button on top of the device manager page.Surface_3_Sound_Issue_2
  3. Some time Windows 10 surface will prompt to restart the machine to complete the uninstall. If so, it’s better to restart the machine as soon as possible. After the restart the surface will automatically add the default sound drivers and that will fix the issue.Surface_3_Sound_Issue_5
  4. If it’s not prompting for restart to complete the Windows 10 surface audio/sound driver uninstallation then go to top left hand corner of device manager and right click on the computer name (Anoop in my case) – tap/click on “scan for hardware changes”. This will get your audio/sound driver back into the Windows 10 surface machine automatically. This fixed the audio and sound issue of my Windows 10 Surface.Surface_3_Sound_Issue_6
  5. Even I tried to update the Windows 10 drivers for Surface 3 without any success/luck. It says Update Driver Software – Intel SST Audio Device (WDM) – “The best driver software for your device is already installed“.Surface_3_Sound_Issue_3


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