List of Free SCCM Catalogs for Third-Party Software Updates

Let’s check out the latest list of free SCCM 3rd party software update catalogs. I have explained the third-party software updates set up in the previous post. I would recommend reading the third-party patching setup guide. In this post, I will provide you a list of free third-party software update catalogs (Free SCCM Catalogs).

In this post, I will try to keep the three different lists of catalogs. There are free custom catalogs and paid custom catalogs. The other type of catalog is the partner catalog, there are only three vendors are available as partners.

  • Dell
  • HP
  • Lenovo
List of Free SCCM Catalogs for Third-Party Software Updates
List of Free SCCM Catalogs for Third-Party Software Updates

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Partner Catalogs Vs. Custom Catalogs

There are two types of catalogs in SCCM third-party software updates. The partner catalogs are free third-party software update catalogs that are out of the box available in the SCCM console. The list of free SCCM catalogs is in the below section of this post.

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  1. Partner catalogs are third-party application vendor catalogs already registered with Microsoft. It comes with SCCM license (no extra license cost).
  2. Custom Catalogs are third-party application catalogs which you can add manually to SCCM console. You can find more detail in the below section.

NOTE 1SCCM Third-Party Software Updates introduced a new version of the catalog CAB file. The new version includes the certificates for the vendor’s binary files.

NOTE 2 – SCCM Third-Party Software Update feature supports (backport) the use of an older versions of catalog CAB files (custom catalogs). Hence, you can still use the vendor CAB files which are there in the SCUP.

Partner CatalogsThird-Party Updates

SCCM partner catalogs are free services provided by Microsoft in collaboration with third-party software vendors. There is no additional license cost to subscribe partner catalog in SCCM. More details about free SCCM catalogs are in the below section.

1E Nomad
Download URL for Microsoft partner CAB file -

You need to enable third-party software updates to make default partner catalogs available in the SCCM console. There are two(2) partner catalogs available with SCCM 1903 preview version.

The following is the updated list of Partner Catalogs.

  • HP – HP Client Updates Catalog
  • Dell – Dell Business Client Updates Catalog
  • Lenovo (1906 onwards)
  • More list coming soon

Free Custom Catalogs – Third-Party Updates

Most of the third-party applications are not providing free update catalogs for their applications. You can change this practice in the IT industry if you force vendors to offer free application update catalogs as part of the license cost you pay.

Adobe is one of the vendors that provide free third-party software update catalogs. You can find the free update catalogs available in the market from the following list. More details about the free SCCM catalogs for SCCM Third-Party Software Updates are in the below table.

  • Adobe
  • HP
  • Dell
  • Fujistu
  • Lenovo
  • etc…

List of Free SCCM Catalogs & Download URLs

The list of catalogs and download URLs get you to start the journey of SCCM third-party patching. I’ve checked all these URLs, and all are working while I’m writing this post.

NOTE! – Most of the following catalogs might move to partner catalogs in the future versions of SCCM 1906 or 1910.

Update (14 May 2019) – I got feedback from Jonathan on Twitter and he provided useful links for Adobe products.

NameDownload URL
Reader DC
Acrobat DC
Adobe Reader X
Adobe Reader 11
Adobe Acrobat X
Adobe Acrobat 11
Lenovo Updates
HP ProLiant Catalogue
HP Enterprise Client Update
Fujistu Updates
Dell Server Updates
Dell Business Client Update

I created the above list of custom catalogs and download URLs from the SCUP 2017 preview out of box publisher’s details. The details are shown in the following picture.

SCCM Third-Party Catalogs

Do you still require to purchase SCCM third-party catalogs? Yes, I think, 99% of the applications are not covered in free SCCM catalogs. Hence you might still need to purchase an SCCM third-party custom catalog.

As you can see in the above list, there are only very few free update catalogs. But, you need to patch all your applications.

There are three(3) oblivious options while you build the third-party software update strategy.

My preferred option is to continue with the existing process. Also, start the study to move towards the second option from the below list.

  • Continue with the existing process (internal packaging).
  • Purchase custom catalogs from third-party update catalog vendors. The list of vendors is below. Most of these vendors provide updates for 250+ applications.
  • Wait for the update of out of box partner catalogs in SCCM. Most likely, this is not going to happen in another 5-10 years 🙂

There are many SCCM custom catalog vendors are available to extend the SCCM third-party software updates and patch more than 250+ applications. However, they charge you extra license fees for each device that you patch using their third-party update catalog.

Vendors Provide Custom Catalog

The following are the two vendors that provide a custom catalog to support more third-party product updates with the new SCCM third-party updates feature.

Vendors work with Extra SCCM Plugin

The following vendors don’t use the new SCCM third-party patching feature with the custom catalog option. I didn’t hear back anything about their future plans till now.

  • Solarwinds (Extra Agent Required? I don’t think so. But, it requires Solarwinds extra SCCM plugin to be installed with SCCM console)
  • ivanti (Agent Less. But, it requires an extra SCCM plugin – More details here)
  • Centero Software Manger


Bonus Tip

The following logfile(SMS_ISVUPDATES_SYNCAGENT.log) entries are created when you enable third-party software updates from SCCM.

UnSubscribed from Registry Hive: LocalMachine, KeyPath: SOFTWARE\Microsoft\SMS\WSUS, FilterType: ValueChange, WatchSubTree: False
Information: Successfully subscribed listener to registry key.
Settings: Third party updates are not enabled, component is inactive.
SyncPartnerCatalogs: Downloading partner catalogs list from ''…
SyncPartnerCatalogs: Download of partner catalogs list completed successfully.
SyncPartnerCatalogs: Extracted catalogs list.
SyncPartnerCatalogs: Parsing the partner catalogs list and updating the database.
SyncPartnerCatalogs: Catalog 'HP Client Updates Catalog' was not found, adding.
SyncPartnerCatalogs: Catalog 'Dell Business Client Updates Catalog' was not found, adding.
SyncPartnerCatalogs: Successfully updated the list of partner catalogs
SyncPartnerCatalogs: Completed update of catalogs list.