MAC Device Management with SCCM Vs Intune

I don’t think Microsoft will kill SCCM, and it will be supported for many years. There is much value added to SCCM investments for an organization.

This post will have a real-world example of MAC device management with SCCM.

SCCM Mac Management

I don’t know whether you remember the previous post about SCCM Mac Management’s decision-making.

I have explained the details of SCCM out-of-box Mac management and Full Mac device management with Parallels SCCM add-on.

Patch My PC
  • Lite – Mac Management
  • Full – Mac Management

More details

Why Mac Device Management with SCCM?

Why perform Mac device management with SCCM? Most enterprise customers have already invested heavily in SCCM for device management. Does this make sense?

You might be interested in looking into a real-world SCCM Mac Device management scenario.

Integration with SCCM

Integration with SCCM is very straightforward for all third-party products like Parallels for Mac Management. The integration experience of other third-party patch management products is also very straightforward.



SCCM is a mature product with more than 25 years of device management history.

What is the value-added of a customer to change the device management solution without any specific ROI (return of investment)? Or why do you want an additional tool for Mac Management?

I don’t see much logic in investing in a new Mac device management tool.

MAC Device Management with SCCM
MAC Device Management with SCCM 2

SCCM Skill Set

You might have around 95% of Windows devices in the organization. In most organizations, you can easily find SCCM skills to manage entire Windows devices.

The ideal decision should be not to invest in a new device management tool for Mac devices.

So, SCCM admins can easily manage 5% of Mac Devices without investing heavily in Mac Device management skillset people.

Additional Infrastructure Requirements

There is no additional server infra investment requirement for Mac device Management. Mac device management with Parallels Mac Management for Microsoft SCCM.

There is no requirement for a PKI certificate or HTTPS site system requirement for Mac Management with SCCM when using Parallels.

Missing Mac Management Capabilities?

All the Mac Device management capabilities are available with SCCM add-on.

Why Mac Device Management with Microsoft Intune?

Microsoft Intune has basic Mac Device management capabilities. The comparison with Intune and SCCM for Mac Management is not worth it.

Because Microsoft recently started Mac Management capabilities in Intune, it might take years to get the full Mac Management capabilities into Intune.

Intune Mac Device Management
Intune Mac Device Management 3

Integration with Intune

You can use Intune and Jamf for Mac management (full-featured Mac Management). We can compare Mac management with Jamf, Intune, and Azure AD.

Also, at the moment, Jamf is the only vendor Microsoft is working with Intune Mac management. I’m sure in the future. We will see more vendors (like Parallels) coming up with Intune integration for Mac management.

In my last post, I received some negative feedback about Mac Management with SCCM. So I thought of presenting my feelings about the Intune Mac Device management.

Intune ROI

When are you already migrating to Intune from SCCM because of your business requirement? If so, it’s worth trying out Intune and Mac Device Management options.

At this point, there is only one vendor who provides the Intune integration for Mac Management. So, you don’t have competitive advantages, and you have only one choice for full-featured Mac management.

Mac Device Management with Intune 4

Skill Set

You might need to hire new technical resources to manage Mac Devices via Intune. Otherwise, you can upskill your existing device management resources, as I mentioned in the Future of SCCM admin post.

Infra Requirements

When you plan to integrate Microsoft Intune and Jamf solutions for managing Mac devices, you might need to build some Jamf servers to deploy WiFi and Certificates to your devices.

Missing Mac Management Capabilities?

Does this worth a comparison at this point? Why? SCCM devise management capabilities are very rich, and none of the products can compete with SCCM management capabilities.

But, when you want to migrate to Intune because of your business requirements (is there any?), you might need to start the journey with existing Intune solution capabilities and workarounds.


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