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Office 365 ProPlus Client package creation made accessible in the latest version of SCCM. In this post, you will learn how to create Office 365 ProPlus client application. I have already created a video tutorial to explain the process of Office 365 ProPlus client application creation wizard (Install Office 365 ProPlus).

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Best Practices – Office 365 ProPlus Updates (Install Office 365 ProPlus)

#1 – You should have the latest version of SCCM Current Branch to get better experience and integration office 365 client package creation and Office 365 patches/updates.

#2 – You need to build two Office 365 ProPlus installation packages in SCCM. One is a Semi-Anual channel, and another one is Semi-Anual Channel (Targeted).

#3 – Deploy to two deployment groups: a pilot group that receives the Semi-Annual Channel (Targeted) and a broad group that receives the Semi-Annual Channel.

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Prerequisites of Office 365 ProPlus Client Package (Install Office 365 ProPlus)

#1 – You should have SCCM 1806 or later to create Office 365 proplus package with office customization tool. If you have not upgraded to the 1806 version, then I would recommend reading my previous post “How to Deploy and Install Office 365 Applications via SCCM CB“.

#2 – SCCM client Application installation wizard has integrated with Office Customization Tool.  This tool needs an internet connection on the machine where the console is running. This office customization tool is rendering the online website in the background to create a Configuration.XML files.

Install Office 365 ProPlus

#3 – You should have required RBAC permissions on the SCCM console to perform Office 365 ProPlus client package creation.

Video Tutorial – Office 365 ProPlus Client Package Creation

You can learn more details about creating the Office 365 ProPlus package from the below video. Also, learn SCCM, Intune, and more about device management topics via videos from my new Video Blog website

Watch this video on YouTube.

How to Create Office 365 ProPlus Client Package (Install Office 365 ProPlus)

The following steps will help to create an Office 365 Proplus client package for your organization. As recommended above, it would be great if you can create two packages (Semi-Anual and Semi-Anual Targeted) for Office 365 ProPlus client package.

  1. Launch SCCM console from an internet connected machine
  2. Navigate to \SoftwareLibrary\Overview\Office 365 Client Management dashboard
  3. Click on the + Office 365 Installer from the Office 365 Client Management Dashboard
  4. Give the NAME of Office 365 ProPlus Client Package and Description of the package
  5. Browse to a location mostly on the file server or SCCM server package source folder
  6. Click on Next button
  7. This is the main step in the Office 365 proplus client configuration. Click on Office Customization tool (More details about office customization tool in the below section of this post) to customize and import your XML to SCCM application engine.
  8. As you can see in the above screenshot, you have to complete all the above sections to create a configuration.xml file for Office 365 proplus client package. Make sure you have a tick mark symbol for all the sections in Office Customization tool otherwise it won’t be able to create the XML file. More details available in the video tutorial above.
  9. In the General section, you need to give a name and Organization details and click on the Next button to go to the next section.
  10. In the Product and Releases section, you will get an opportunity to select Office 365 product & architecture (x64) you want to deploy. I selected Office ProPlus and Click on Add button. Also, need to select which update channel and Version you want to use for your office 365 clients. I selected Semi-Anual Channel for updates.
  11. Select Language of Office 365 ProPlus Client you want to deploy. Also, you need to select the installation options like shortcut behavior, etc. Click on NEXT to go to the next section of the wizard.
  12. Select the upgrade options from Update and Upgrade section office customization tool. I have enabled the toggle for the Upgrade Office 2013 Click-to-run products. Also allows options to Uninstall any MSI versions of the office including visio and project. Click on NEXT.
  13. Complete the Licensing and Activation settings and click on NEXT.
  14. Application Preferences gives a great amount of customization options to IT Pros to customize each office products like Word, Excel, etc.
  15. Click on Finish button to complete and Review the Office 365 ProPlus client.
  16. Click on the SUBMIT button to IMPORT configuration.xml to the application package. 
  17. Click on NEXT, NEXT, NEXT, and CLOSE button to finish Microsoft Office 365 Client Installation Wizard. This wizard takes a long time to complete wizard depending on the internet connection. It took 30-40 minutes to complete the Microsoft Office 365 Client Installation Wizard.
  18. Deploy this Office 365 ProPlus client package to test machines.

Learn More about The Office Customization Tool

The Office Customization Tool for creating a configuration.XML file which controls Office 365 Proplus client behavior. This tool is an Azure-based cloud service which allows you to create XML configuration files that are used with the Office Deployment Tool. Install Office 365 ProPlus.

In the past, you needed to create the configuration files in Notepad or another text editor. The Office Customization Tool makes this part of the deployment process easier and less likely to introduce errors. Now, this tool is also integrated with SCCM version 1806 or later.

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Office 365 ProPlus Client Package Office Customization Tool

How to Update or Patch Office 365 ProPlus Client

If you are looking for a solution to update Office 365 ProPlus client with latest patches, then the following post shall help you. I have another post which explains “How to Deploy and Install Office 365 Software Updates (patches) with SCCM ADR“. Install Office 365 ProPlus.


Deploy Office 365 ProPlus with SCCM (Current Branch)

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