Review Office365 Backup Solution from Altaro – Part 2

Let’s learn how to restore Microsoft Office 365 mailboxes using Altaro Office365 backup solution. Also, you will learn more configuration options of Altaro Office365 cloud backup solution.

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I’m using the 30 days FREE trial version of Altaro Office365 Backup solution in this post. You can request for Altaro Office365 Backup solution trail from here.

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In the previous post, you learned how to connect & configure Altaro Office365 backup for your Office 365 subscription. In this post, you will see:

  • How to Add New Office 365 Mailbox to backup
  • How to RESTORE Office 365 Mailboxes
  • How to check AUDIT Logs of Office 365 Mailboxes from Altaro Office365 Backup
  • How to setup ALERTS options from Altaro Office365 Backup
Altaro Office365 Backup - Restore Microsoft Office 365 mailboxes
Altaro Office365 BackupRestore Microsoft Office 365 mailboxes

How to Add New Office 365 Mailbox to backup

You can add a new Office 365 mailbox to Altaro Office365 backup solution. From Altaro Cloud Management Console (CMC):

  • Navigate to Mailbox Backups
  • Click on the Office 365 Organisation “”
  • Choose the Mailbox from the list and click on Settings icon to Start Backing Up this Mailbox
Select New Mailbox for Backup - Restore Microsoft Office 365 mailboxes
Select New Mailbox for BackupRestore Microsoft Office 365 mailboxes

How to Restore Microsoft Office 365 Mailboxes

There are two (2) Office 365 Mailbox restore options available in Altaro Office365 backup solution.

1E Nomad
  • Restore Entire Mailbox
  • Email Granular Restore (explained in this post)

NOTE! – I have selected the option “Email Granular Restore” to explain the Office 365 restore scenario in this post. This option is useful for many situations like user accidentally deleted a mail from the mailbox and deleted items. This option is valid for many other scenarios like tracing the deleted mails of user for auditing or complacency requirements.

Following are the Office 365 Mailbox restore options:

  • Step 1 – Choose Restore Source – Organisation =
  • Step 2 – Select Mailbox – Select the Office 365 Mailbox – Anoop
  • Step 3 – Select Backup Version – Browse through the Office 365 backups.
  • Step 4 – Browse the Mailbox – Select the mail(s)/folders to restore.
  • Step 5 – Choose Restore Destination. Following are the options to restore destination:
    • Restore o PST file (This is the option I selected for this post)
    • Restore to ZIP Archive
    • Restore Selected Items back to the same Mailbox
    • Restore Selected Items to a different Mailbox
  • Step 6 – Restore Options
    • Select Account to where the ZIP Archive download link will be sent to once the restore operation is completed.
    • Select Account:- [email protected]
    • The PST File will be placed inside a ZIP Archive and will be Encrypted with the Paasphrase
  • Step 7 – Finish – Summery
 Restore Options - Restore Microsoft Office 365 mailboxes
Restore OptionsRestore Microsoft Office 365 mailboxes

NOTE! – More details and screenshots are available in the following tutorial here.

How to Check AUDIT Logs

You can view and export Office 365 Mailbox audit logs stored in Altaro Office365 backup solution. You can change this from Altaro Cloud Management console – Audit Tab.

How to Setup ALERTS

You can also set the Alerts for Altaro Office365 backup from Altaro cloud console as I explained in the video here.

Alerts -  Restore Microsoft Office 365 mailboxes
AlertsRestore Microsoft Office 365 mailboxes

Video – Restore Microsoft Office 365 mailboxes Guide

Watch this video on YouTube.


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