ConfigMgr SCCM Backup Restore Guides Endpoint Manager

ConfigMgr SCCM Backup Restore Guides Endpoint Manager. For the last few days, I was planning to put together all my posts related to backup and recovery into a single post.

So that it would be easily accessible. This contains ConfigMgr / SCCM 2012 and 2007 posts. I hope, this will be useful. Now, we can restore ConfigMgr/ SCCM 2012 site servers, CAS -Primary, (excluding secondary servers) from native SQL backup. More details from Steve Thompson (MVP) here.

ConfigMgr SCCM Backup Restore Guides Endpoint Manager

Video Tutorials on SCCM ConfigMgr Current Branch Backup and Recovery here

ConfigMgr SCCM Backup Restore Guides Endpoint Manager
ConfigMgr SCCM Backup Restore Guides Endpoint Manager

1. ConfigMgr / SCCM 2007 Recovery Restore Site Repair Wizard Step by Step Guide.

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I’ve been asked to create a site recovery wizard step-by-step guide with screenshots (for a child primary server restoration). It’s pretty straightforward if you’ve good backups in place (except for one or two hiccups explained in the post).

2.  How to recover SCCM / ConfigMgr 2012 primary Server from a good backup?

Remember, we have to run the Site Repair Wizard (after completing the installation wizard) in ConfigMgr 2007, but this is changed for good in ConfigMgr 2012. In this post, we’ll go through step by step procedure to recover CM 2012 Primary server from a good backup.

3. How to recover SCCM / ConfigMgr 2012 primary Server from CAS server?


I’m going to provide a step-by-step guide to perform the recovery procedure of a primary site (without using any site backup). This recovery is done from the CAS server.

4. Recovery of SCCM ConfigMgr 2012 CAS Server from SQL Backup

In this post, I used the method “Use a Site Database that has been manually recovered” as the site database recovery option, the CAS server retrieves the Global data and Global-Proxy data from the Primary Site Server database. There are other two sets of methods to recover CAS server (a) Recover CAS server from a good ConfigMgr backup and (b) Recover CAS server via primary server (if you don’t have a good backup of CAS server). These two scenarios are similar to the primary server recovery posted above (posts 2 and 3).

5. Improvements in High Availability Redundancy and Disaster Recovery Options in SCCM or ConfigMgr 2012

There are loads improvements in ConfigMgr/SCCM 2012 in terms of HA (High Availability), Redundancy, and Disaster Recovery. Clustering is still NOT supported in SCCM / ConfigMgr 2012 for site servers.  In CM 2012 SP1, we can have multiple Active SUPs without using NLB.

6. How to recover SCCM or ConfigMgr 2012 SP1 Secondary Servers?

ConfigMgr 2007 and 2012 RTM versions don’t support the recovery of the secondary sites. However, Configuration Manager 2012 SP1 RTM officially supports the restore.

 7. How to troubleshoot on SCCM / ConfigMgr Backup related issues? 

Backup failures are very common in SCCM and I’ve NOT seen much of posts on this topic except 2 or 3. Recently, I’ve stumbled with a backup issue.  SMS backup was getting failed, restarted the services, server, checked SQL connectivity, applied hotfixes, etc… however no luck.


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