SCCM CB Console Keyboard Shortcuts Quick Video Guide

SCCM console shortcuts are handy in some scenarios like during the demos, training sessions, etc… We can just “show off” that we have some handy SCCM CB Console keyboard shortcuts. In this video post, we will some of very useful SCCM Console keyboard shortcuts. How many of you have used MMC keyboard shortcuts with SCCM 2007 MMC console? Those MMC shortcuts won’t work with SCCM CB versions.

SCCM CB preview version introduced new keyboard shortcuts like CTL + M, CTL + T, etc.. I’m not a frequent user of SCCM console keyboard shortcuts, but I think it could be useful at times. As you can see in the video here, I have not used MOUSE at all to move around SCCM CB console.

SCCM CB Workspace keyboard shortcuts

There are some extra shortcut keys available for SCCM CB Preview 1706 version (I’ve shown in the video and the screen capture below).

Assets and Compliance Ctrl+1,
Software Library Ctrl+2,
Monitoring Ctrl+3,
Administration Ctrl+4

SCCM Console Keyboard Shortcuts_Workspace

Ctrl + M – Sets focus on the main (central) pane. You can select each computer as I showed in the video using CTL + M SCCM CB console keyboard shortcut.

Left pane – as I shown in the video – select users, devices, user collections. Ctrl + T – Sets focus to the top node in the navigation pane. If the focus was already in that pane, the focus is set to the last node you visited.

SCCM Console Keyboard Shortcuts_CTR + T

Set focus to search – When SEARCH option is available. Ctrl + L – Sets focus to the Search field, when available. I have shown this search in the embedded video. Press CTL + T keyboard shortcut to set focus on search and start searching computers/users/Site servers etc…

Focus Summary Details pane to Ctrl + D. Sets focus to the details pane, when available. Press ALT button from the keyboard to changes focus in and out of the ribbon.

Ctrl + I – Sets focus to the breadcrumb bar, below the ribbon. This shortcut will set focus on the path for example \Assets and Compliance\Overview\Users.

SCCM Console Keyboard Shortcuts_CTR + I

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  • Accessibility features (Keyboard Shortcuts) for SCCM CB console – here 
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