SCCM Third-Party Patch Management Automation

SCCM Third Party Software Update Support without SCUPPatch management is an important function for all admins. We can segregate patch management into two parts. First one is Microsoft patches and these patches can be installed flawlessly with SCCM/ConfigMgr or WSUS.

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The second one is non-Microsoft (3rd party applications) patching. The second one is also very critical for organizations. I have seen loads of organizations are still struggle to do 3rd party patch management. How do you perform patch management in your organization?

I have come across questions from SCCM admins about how to manage patches of non-Microsoft applications using SCCM. Though they can deploy these patches using WSUS, but it takes loads of time to research for patches, then deploying the 3rd party patches after writing the script.

Another solution is to create packages of 3rd party patches and deploy it through SCCM/ConfigMgr. But this is not a one time solution for them and it does not always work perfectly for all the users.

There are a lot of tools in the market that can help SCCM to deploy third-party patches but not all of them are reliable or feasible. The one tool that stands out of all of them for me is ManageEngine Patch Connect Plus, which is perfect for ConfigMgr/SCCM environments and can do best job in deploying vulnerabilities present in the enterprise environment.

SCCM_3rdParty_Patching_Automation solution

Some of the reasons why we should prefer Patch Connect Plus:

    1. Highest number of supported applications: It supports over 250 applications which include almost all applications that are used in an enterprise. None of the other tools in the market is supporting more applications than Patch Connect Plus, as most of the tools supporting only around 100 applications. A large catalog of supported applications is really important for any patch management tool to combat all system vulnerabilities in the network, otherwise those vulnerabilities still exist in the enterprise environment and provide attackers with opportunities to exploit. Click here for list of supported applications.
    1. Uses SCCM infrastructure and console: Most of the tools ask their customers to set up infrastructure in their network, whereas, Patch Connect Plus uses the SCCM infrastructure which you would’ve already set up. Also, you will be using the same SCCM console for deployment too. Hence overcoming the requirement of learning about a new console and infrastructure altogether for just third-party patch management. Following figure shows how it works:
    1. Affordable price: Patch Connect Plus is priced lower than all the similar products i’ve come across. Since enterprises have invested significant amount in Microsoft SCCM, they expect the ROI to be high from their investment and this product helps them do just that. Click here to find out the pricing of the product.
  1. Easy and quick setup: The setting up of the product just took 5 mins for me! Just follow the easy steps in the following video and you are good to go- Video link. The support for the product is also helpful and responsive and helped me in publishing all patches with ease.

Try out the product, it comes with a free trial for 1 month! – Download now!

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12 thoughts on “SCCM Third-Party Patch Management Automation”

  1. Thnks gotta give it a try txs for the post Anoop,

    They definately have to give a second thought on the price front.

    We can hire 2 Packaging + 1 SCCM guys n pay there one year salary in that price 😛 (got 25000+ systems to manage)

  2. 3rd party packagers can make mistakes too, I have personally seen from ga main stream vendor. Which begs the question they lack proper QA testing


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