SCCM Software Update is not working through OSD Task Sequence

Let us discuss SCCM Software Update is not working through OSD Task Sequence. I have seen many folks complaining that their software update is not working through the OSD Task sequence. Some challenges in that the client won’t know where to go for windows updates etc., but we can help it find those updates with a Server Locator Point by Installing that role on our SCCM server. Note: You must have created a Deployment Management Task containing windows updates applicable for the OS you are installing in your Build and Capture task sequence. The Deployment Management Task must be targeted to a collection that your build and capture computer will be in during OSD deployment. A suitable collection would be the Unknown Computers collection.

SCCM Software Update is not working through OSD Task Sequence

Server locator points are used in a Configuration Manager 2007 hierarchy to complete client site assignments on the intranet and help clients find management points when they cannot find that information through Active Directory Domain Services.

SCCM Software Update
SUP – SCCM Software Update

Intranet clients use Active Directory Domain Services as their preferred method to complete site assignments and find management points. However, clients must use a server locator point if the Active Directory schema is not extended for Configuration Manager 2007, the site is not published to Active Directory Domain Services, or if clients do not belong to the same Active Directory forest as the site server’s forest.

Note: You need only one server locator point for the Configuration Manager 2007 hierarchy, even if you have multiple sites. In a multi-site hierarchy, install the server locator point in the central site. If you install a server locator point in the middle of the hierarchy, it will have no knowledge of sites above it in the hierarchy.

Patch My PC

To install the Server Locator Point Role >> Link

How you can patch your machines using the SUP in SCCM. More specifically, we will be utilizing Update Lists >> Link


Install WSUS for ConfigMgr Software Update Point Role | SUP | SCCM

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