ConfigMgr SCCM How to Import Pre Configured Applications


Import Pre-Configured Applications to ConfigMgr (Configuration Manager) 2012 console and Become an Expert in New Application Model.

ConfigMgr SCCM How to Import Pre Configured Applications 1


It will take only 10 minutes to import 11 applications with all the configurations like global conditions, Dependent Applications and Supersedence Applications . Play around with 11 applications in NO time.


This import will also create 14 different deployment types for all these applications with Install and UN-install command lines.  The details of all the deployments types and command lines are given in the bottom of this post.

Where can we get this Pre-Configured applications?

No worries, it’s part of ConfigMgr 2012 SDK. If you’re not downloaded SDK yet, download it from HERE.

All the XML files required for the import process is available there in the ConfigMgr 2012 SDK.  However, source files of these applications are not included in the ZIP file. We need to download those files separately. More Details are available in the document “Application Model Kit.docx” which is there in SDK.

ConfigMgr SCCM How to Import Pre Configured Applications 2

Once you install SDK, you can go to CM 2012 console “\Software Library\Overview\Application Management\Applications” and right click on “Applications” node and Select “Import Application”

Copy the file  “” located in “C:\Program Files\Microsoft System Center 2012 Configuration Manager SDK\Samples\Application Model” folder to your application source folder (Hope, application “source” folder is already shared and it has a UNC path).

ConfigMgr SCCM How to Import Pre Configured Applications 3

The wizard will validate the XML files to verify that the file was imported and then specify the actions.

ConfigMgr SCCM How to Import Pre Configured Applications 4

This part of the wizard will check whether these applications already exist in the software library or not.  If so, ConfigMgr will add a revision to the existing application unless you modify the action to create new application.

ConfigMgr SCCM How to Import Pre Configured Applications 5

The summary of the applications which we’re importing to CM 2012 as part of ConfigMgr SDK

Imported applications (10):
• Create new Internet Explorer 7
• Create new Internet Explorer 8
• Create new Silverlight
• Create new .NET Framework 4
• Create new Adobe Flash Player 10
• Create new Adobe Reader 9
• Create new Adobe Reader X
• Create new Configuration Manager Console
• Create new Microsoft Application Virtualization Client
• Create new Office Communicator 2007 R2

Imported categories (1):
• Create new System Center 2012

The “Import Application Wizard” shows a the progress of the process in the below wizard.

ConfigMgr SCCM How to Import Pre Configured Applications 6

The Import Application wizard Completed successfully.

ConfigMgr SCCM How to Import Pre Configured Applications 7

Have a look at the console “Applications” node. All settings are configured automatically like Deployment Types, Dependencies and Supersedence !! . Great work by Microsoft !!!

ConfigMgr SCCM How to Import Pre Configured Applications 8

1. (x86) Application Virtualization Desktop Client

“setup.exe” /S /v/qn

msiexec /x {A17803B8-2EDF-4DA2-AE1E-7B1368CF82D3} /q

Return Codes

0              Success (no reboot)

1707       Success (no reboot)

3010       Soft Reboot

1641       Hard Reboot

1618       Fast Retry

2. (x64) Application Virtualization Desktop Client

“setup.exe” /S /v/qn

msiexec /x {D7843CFB-CE69-4352-BDF0-1DE5D1452A16} /q

3. .NET Framework 4 – Standalone Installer

“dotNetFx40_Full_x86_x64.exe” /q /norestart

4. Adobe Flash Player 10 ActiveX Installer

msiexec /i “install_flash_player_10_active_x.msi” /q

5. (ENU) Adobe Reader 9.3

msiexec /i “AcroRead.msi” /q

msiexec /x {AC76BA86-7AD7-1033-7B44-A93000000001} /q

6. (DEU) Adobe Reader 9.3

msiexec /i “AcroRead.msi” /q

msiexec /x {AC76BA86-7AD7-1031-7B44-A93000000001} /q

7. (ENU) Adobe Reader X


msiexec /x {AC76BA86-7AD7-1033-7B44-AA0000000001} /q

8. Configuration Manager Console Installer

ConsoleSetup.exe EnableSQM=1

ConsoleSetup.exe /uninstall


9. Internet Explorer 7 (Windows XP x86)

“IE7-WindowsXP-x86-enu.exe” /quiet /norestart

10. Internet Explorer 7 (Windows XP and Server 2003 x64)

“IE7-WindowsServer2003-x64-enu.exe” /quiet /norestart

11. Internet Explorer 7 (Windows Server 2003 x86)

“IE7-WindowsServer2003-x86-enu.exe” /quiet /norestart

12. Internet Explorer 8 (Windows XP x86)

“x86 for XP\IE8-WindowsXP-x86-ENU.exe” /quiet /norestart

13. Internet Explorer 8 (Windows Vista x86)

“IE8-WindowsVista-x86-ENU.exe” /quiet /norestart

14. Internet Explorer 8 (Windows Vista and Server 2008 x64

“IE8-WindowsVista-x64-ENU.exe” /quiet /norestart

15. Office Communicator 2007 R2

msiexec /i “CommunicatorEval.msi” /q

16. Silverlight (Self-extracting cabinet .exe)

“Silverlight.exe” /q

“Silverlight.exe” /qu


  1. I am trying to import file. Getting this error “The specified file does not contain a configuration manager application. Select a file that contains an application that was exported from Configuration Manager and try again”.

    I have copied file to \\sccm2012\software folder that is shared with full access to the folder. Yet, I cannot import sdk. What is the issue I have no clue. Look forward to your help.

  2. I don’t have CAS. Just primary site. Can, I contact you offline (require your contact info). Need some help with USMT tool with CM2012 for xp to 7 migration work.

  3. Hi,
    I run with the same issue. To solve, you have to extract the zip wich contain the zip to import.
    After that, it work like a charm!

  4. Hi
    when trying to import I have the following error
    Imported Categories (1):
    Create new System Center 2012
    Error: Provider Exception: Referenced configuration items are not available

  5. Hi,

    While importinng package through SCCM 12 m getting folloing erroe “one or more dependent application could not be located” even though ther are no dependent application.


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