SCCM Online Service Connection Point Details – 2 Options

Microsoft released new version of SCCM Current Branch version and that is SCCM CB 1610. If you are running SCCM CB 1511 or 1602 or 1606, you can directly upgrade to SCCM CB 1610. More details about SCCM ConfigMgr CB Updates in Console and Upgrade in this post and video.

SCCM Upgrade Process

The ConfigMgr CB upgrade process via updates and servicing channel is very straight forward, if you have a ONLINE service connection point mode. If you are running an offline service connection point mode then you need to perform some manual ways to get the latest version of SCCM CB 1610 updates available in your SCCM CB console.

SCCM Online Service Connection Point

For SCCM CB infra with online service connection point, the SCCM CB 1610 update will automatically appear in the console once Microsoft has released this for “slow ring“. Now (18th Nov 2016) Microsoft released SCCM CB 1610 updates only for the “fast ring” which can be enabled only through running a PowerShell script which is provided in the following link here.

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SCCM Servicing Flowchart 

Here is the flow chart documentation here


This is 1 minute video which tells you to how to start the SCCM CB 1610 upgrade process once the updates are available in CM CB console. I have already covered the end to end SCCM CB upgrade process in a video here (even thought that is about CM 1606 upgrade the process is similar).

Start of Upgrade process from Console

I’m sharing the video tutorial about How to Upgrade SCCM ConfigMgr CB 1610 console. You need to make sure all the reset activities of site system roles (sitecomp.log gives you more idea) have been complete before you initiate the upgrade process of SCCM ConfigMgr CB console. Otherwise there could be more chances of failures during SCCM CB console upgrade.

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SCCM Console Upgrade

Watch this video on YouTube.

7 thoughts on “SCCM Online Service Connection Point Details – 2 Options”

  1. I ran the PS script to EnableFastRing and when I selected 1610 and install if failed. Stated I did not have enough disk space. I moved some data from the drive and added more storage then extended the volume as well. Now SCCM is in a stuck state checking prerequisites for 1606. I am going from 1602 to 1610 (skipping 1606). I’ve tried restarting the CAS and Primary Site server. Its been in this state for three days now and I’d really like to figure this out. All the Retry and Install options are grayed out. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Hello Annop

    In my environment we have SCCM CB 1606, which was later migrated to version 1610.
    A secondary site was then installed, but the secondary site has not copied the agents from the primary site to the secondary site. Normally this is done automatically, but this has not worked for me.
    The message is as follows: “In progress – Waiting for Content” status
    I understand that this happened earlier with the 2012 version and was solved with a fix from Microsoft
    Do you know if this has happened also with this version (1610) ??
    I will be attentive to your answer.

  3. Hi Anoop,

    Do we have option to migrate SCCM 1606 to 1802 using fast ring script? If yes please help me with steps.



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