Easily FIX SCCM Task Sequence Unable to find a volume Error Code 0x80070490

Let’s see how you can FIX SCCM Task Sequence Unable to find a volume Error Code 0x80070490. You might encounter a prompt error message while performing operating system deployment with SCCM Task Sequence. The error is often seen when you will perform the deployment in new machines.

The Task Sequence Error is generic, and the solution could be different based on the details you get into logs.

First of all, you will need to understand what is the meaning of the error code 0x80070490. You can try to use the method to translate SCCM Error Codes To Error Messages. The error code 0x80070490 translates to Element not found.

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Examining the SMSTS log for task sequence failure issues is always recommended to help you understand the failure prompt. More you can explore SCCM OSD Task Sequence Troubleshooting Steps by Step Ultimate Guide SMSTS.log.

Let’s look at the list of official Microsoft tools for reading the SCCM related log files. You can use all these SCCM log viewer tools to check different types of log files .log or .lo_ file extensions Top SCCM Log File Viewer Options for Admin.

Issue Summary – SCCM Task Sequence Unable to find a volume Error Code 0x80070490

The Task Sequence is failing on formatting the disk. That you could have an issue with the partitioning or sometimes due to BitLocker encryption. This error occurs when attempting to run an operating system deployment task sequence.

In a step, it tried to copy the files to the local hard drive but could not find the path as the drive is in the RAW state.

Here are the highlights of the SCCM Task Sequence Unable to find a volume Error Code 0x80070490 from the SMSTS.log, Unable to find the system disk for this machine. Failed to prepare system partition for staging. Failed to stage WinPE –

SMSTS log – SCCM Task sequence Unable to find a volume Error Code 0x80070490
SMSTS log – SCCM Task Sequence Unable to find a volume Error Code 0x80070490
Volume X:\ is not a fixed disk
Unable to find a volume that is suitable for staging the boot image. Element not found. (Error: 80070490; Source: Windows)
Failed to validate for boot image staging
StageBootImage() failed 0x80070490)
Failed to stage WinPE. Code(0x80070490)

FIX – SCCM Task Sequence Unable to find a volume Error Code 0x80070490

To fix this issue, The drive needs to be formatted before continuing with the task sequence. Let’s follow the steps below to format the hard drive –

If you’re already in the error windows, the screen Task sequence has failed with the error code 0x80070490. Press F8 to launch the command prompt window or Restart the machine and boot with the same task sequence.

Important – Enable command support (F8) that is not recommended for production use. You can explore the available command prompt support option in Boot Image.

The diskpart command interpreter helps you manage your computer’s drives (disks, partitions, volumes, or virtual hard disks). Type the following commands in the command prompt –

List disk                (Displays all the disks on the device)
Select disk 0            
Clean                    (Wipes the disk)
Create partition primary (Creates windows partition)
Select partition 1
Format quick fs=NTFS     (Format primary partition)
Assign letter C

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Once you are done with the above steps, Restart the target machine and reinitiate the task sequence deployment, It should continue without any errors.


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2 thoughts on “Easily FIX SCCM Task Sequence Unable to find a volume Error Code 0x80070490”

  1. I found the solution to the problem. This was a BIOS setting issue. Dell Lattitude 7530 right out of manufacturers packaging box.

    Items to change in BIOS settings:

    Under BOOT CONFIGURATION, Disable Secure Boot
    Under STORAGE, change SATA/NVME Operation from RAID to AHCI/NVMe.
    Under PRE-BOOT BEAHAVIOR, Fastboot should be set to Auto.

    SCCM will then be able to see the storage device and be able to run task sequence for image.

    Hope this helps someone.


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