SCCM Third-Party Patching Round Table Discussions

Hello, Today we will discuss about SCCM Third-Party Patching Round Table Discussions. I have many step-by-step guides about SCCM third-party patching, and I will share more details in the webinar round table discussions.

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SCCM Third-Party Patching Catalog Version Update

I recently learned about an exciting update to SCCM 1906 TP version that includes a new catalog version (V3) with some amazing features. One of the most significant improvements is the ability to choose and sync only the categories of products you need, saving a lot of time and making the process more efficient.

Additionally, you now have the option to select the content of all updates in the chosen categories, giving you greater control over your updates. These new features offer greater customization options and flexibility, which can help us better manage and maintain our systems. It’s great to see that SCCM is continually improving and adding features to make our work easier and more efficient.

Patch My PC

The Microsoft SCCM product team works with many hardware, OEM, and Software vendors, such as DELL, HP, Lenovo, and PatchMyPC, to integrate their updates with the new partner catalog version (V3) in SCCM.

  • Select Categories
  • Select Stage Content
SCCM Third-Party Patching Select Categories & Stage Content - Fig. 1
SCCM Third-Party Patching Select Categories & Stage Content – Fig. 1

SCCM Third-Party Patching Guides

I have already published three (3) in-depth guides and a Facebook Live to help the IT community and SCCM admins start testing new SCCM third-party patching options.

SCCM Third-Party Patching through Video Tutorial

Learn how to efficiently manage third-party patching in SCCM by watching our step-by-step video tutorial on selecting categories and staging content.

SCCM Third-Party Patching Select Categories & Stage Content – Video tutorial

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NOTE! In this round-table webinar, you’ll gain insight into the root of the problem and the modern tools and solutions experts use to solve it.

  • Webinar Title: ConfigMgr Third-Party Patching Roundtable
  • Presenters:
    • Paul Winstanley, Microsoft Enterprise Mobility MVP
    • Andy Malone, Microsoft MVP, consultant, speaker, and author
    • Bob Kelly, Director, Flexera
    • Anoop Nair, Microsoft Enterprise Mobility MVP
    • Harjit Dhaliwal, Microsoft MVP
  • Date: Tuesday, June 25th 2019 – 9am PDT / 12pm EDT / 5pm GMT

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SCCM Third-Party Patching
ConfigMgr Third-Party Patching 3


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