Whether the Technology Equipped Towards the Transformation from Physical Workplace to Digital Workplace

Yes, this is not a post about SCCM or ConfigMgr. However, this is more about an assessment towards infrastructure and cultural readiness for a digital transformation. As core technical personals, we also need to think on future technology roadmaps. Agree? That is what I’m trying to do with this post. Whether the Technology Equipped for the Transformation from Physical Workplace to Digital Workplace ? Yes, but not to that extend. So technology needs to have more catching up to do to deliver same feeling as physical workplace.  Let’s pause for a moment, think whether the technology is going into digital workplace or not? Cloud computing, Windows Azure, Windows Intune, Office 365, Lync 2013 and so on. I can see technology is heading down right path.

Few years before we never had online meetings like Lync Online meeting or Webinars rather we used dial into a bridge and attend the meeting. Now, we rarely use conference bridge.  True ? Are we moving away from physical workplace? Yes, we’re slowly progressing towards digital workplace. Even we can’t recognise this !!  Think about instant messaging (IM), Lync ? We can install Lync application on smart phones and connect to your colleagues from home, cafe or train or bus. This is also small example of digitization. Isn’t it ?

Digital Workplace

BYOD – Bring Your Own Device and CYOD – Configure Your Own Device initiatives within the organizations are clear evidence that we’re moving to Digital Workplace. Microsoft cloud initiatives are great path towards digital workplace. Simply put, we can access Windows Intune console anywhere in the world without connecting to office network with your personal device. Isn’t that great ? If you’re an Intune administrator then you can perform your day to day activities from anywhere in the world without connecting to office network.

Digital Workplace is the next revolution that is going to happen in coming years. Yes, I think so, we can see this from some of the examples I’ve mentioned above. Yes, I know, it would be very challenging. And it’s not like we will get there tomorrow or day after. It will take time to reach there. Again for most us, Internet bandwidth was real problem few years before. How is the bandwidth now? It’s much cheaper now and also high bandwidth is available allDigital Workplace1 around the world. I tried working from my village few weeks before and the connectivity was super and I was able to achieve what I wanted to. This was not the case few years before. I can’t even think of performing Work from village because of connectivity issues and slowness in the VPN connectivity etc…. Now, it’s clear that we don’t want to me in BIG cities to complete the work.

Most of the agricultural work is located in farms, as part of industrialization, most of people moved from villages to cities. Can we go back to villages where we’ve more resources (real estate and so on) than cities nowadays? I don’t know. This would be possible part of Digital Workplace and digital revolution. What you think? Digital workplace can remove Physical restrictions and empower employees to work anywhere in the world. Work is becoming more mobile. I think, work mobilization increases the productivity in my experience. Sometimes, I work from home and during those days I tend to work more hours than my regular office hours (work stretching). Probably  there is less to worry about lunch break going to cafeteria (queue in for food), tea breaks and traveling (traffic etc). So on other side I’m really much more productive when I work from Home.

Downside of digital workplace could be working alone, not meeting with people physically, work stretching , addiction of work, less sleep and so on. Isn’t it ? So next piece is what the people managers will do when we work from remote areas? Do we need managers ? What is the future of Managers? I’m sure the managers are needed in Digital Workplace ;). However the managers need to revamp their thinking and they need to have high level of trust with employees. Most of the managers don’t do policing these days. How about your managers ? I agree bit of policing is needed when you’re just out of college 🙂 Do you agree? Managers are not their to observe or watch people INPUT rather they should watch or observe what their reporties OUTPUT. What output they can produce?

Some of us had gone through Agriculture change, Industrial change and it seems like it’s time for a digital chance. We never know !

Following is the excellent video on the topic of Digital Workplace by Paul Miller and Ephraim Freed.  This post is inspired from this video !!!


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