Learn How to Custom EXE Tools for SCCM Admins Daily Operations

Do you know about a tool which can create an independent EXE file in a fly? Here it’s, “the rich visual scripting engine for systems management” called “Tool Foundry”. It can generate EXE files in a fly for SCCM operations team or desktop support engineers. Before going into more details about Tool Foundry, let’s think about the challenges faced by SCCM operations team. I’ve a series of posts about these challenges of SCCM admins and one of them is Daily Worries of SCCM Admins. SCCM team is always in a need of creating scripts and in-house applications. These tools or EXEs will be given to field operations team or desktop team to fix SCCM client issues or WMI issues or some other custom operations task. However, the problem with in-house apps and scripts are that they are not “Enterprise Class“. We can’t manage those tools centrally (remotely)!

Custom-tool-EXE-For SCCM admins

Think about the possibility of a tool or exe which SCCM admins can create in a fly for a custom requirement without any coding. When you use “Tool Foundry” to create a custom EXE tool, then you can make changes in the tool or application from admin console within few seconds. These changes will come into affect, with in few minutes, on remote machines without making any new copy of EXE file (which you’ve already provided the relevant teams).! What does that mean? Desktop or Field operations team can use same old copy of EXE to perform the task with new changes. Zero coding efforts for enterprise class, centrally managed EXE. Unbelievable? Super exciting and super innovative stuff. Isn’t it ? These EXE Tools can be executed remotely, you can change password, you can revoke access, you can change the parameter values and you can have a result written into registry values without updating the actual copy of EXE. 

What is “Tool Foundry” ?

Tool Foundry an innovative rich visual scripting engine developed by Adaptiva. This engine enables SCCM / ConfigMgr administrators to seamlessly integrate Adaptiva OneSite and SCCM with current business process. The tool foundry generates .exe files that can be distributed, executed and more importantly managed remotely.

How to Use “Tool Foundry” ?

Initially, we need to create an execution policy for Workflows. By default, Work flows are not allowed to execute. In this screen you need to drag and drop any of the Workflow which is created for your environment. Workflow is nothing logic of the automation which tool needs to be performed down the line. There are 100 of in build workflows in Adaptiva database and you can use those workflows to create custom TOOL.

Remember, you don’t need to write a single line of code for this. You just need to design logic with the visual scripting engine. Drag and drop already created workflow and put in a password which you need to put in while executing the EXE file. So if a normal user has got a copy of exe, they can’t execute it as this is password protected !!

Tool Foundry Adaptiva

Create Custom Tool :- As you can see there is a option to set WORKFLOW password – “Let the user specify the workflow password as a command-line parameter“. You can also define the target machine settings for the EXE which we are going to create. In this case we’ve selected the option “Let the user specify the Adaptiva server or client machine or IP address as command-line parameter“. You can also provides the user description about the tool. There is also option to specify the properties this is the input property and in this case it is “Filename“. Add this property “FileName” to Assigned Properties.

SCCM Tool Foundry Adaptiva

Save the TOOL :- Now, we are almost done with the tool creation. How easy? Isn’t it? We just need to save the EXE file by clicking on Generate Tool. In this case the tool name is DF.exe.

SCCM Tool Foundry Adaptiva 1

Use the TOOL : – Run the created EXE tool with command prompt on a remote machine.

C:\Temp>df.exe d-xp1 1234 C:\temp\trace32.exe

Where 1234 is the password which we set for the exe tool, next parameter file name and file path.

SCCM Tool Foundry Adaptiva 2

More Details : – Give the tool and take it back from the desktop and field ops team whenever needed. You can also encapsulate your VB scripts into Workflows and then you can create EXE tool with limited admin access for limited period from a central management environment. This tool “Tool Foundry” helps to Automate common IT operations.

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