True Control Center for SCCM Admin and L1 Teams Configuration Manager ConfigMgr

True Control Center for SCCM Admin and L1 Teams Configuration Manager ConfigMgr. Facilitating the SCCM console access to support teams is an important decision during the design work. The decision-making of SCCM console access is not easy.

We need to consider several options like installing a terminal server for console access or publishing the SCCM console in the Citrix environment. Publishing the SCCM console to Citrix is a good option. But with SCCM CB servicing, we need to upgrade the SCCM console at least twice a year.

SCCM console through the web channel is also a nice option. I’m a big fan of web-based consoles. But I wouldn’t say I like Silverlight portal. There should be some innovative solution to ease complications of console access within an organization. The fundamental design principle is to try to keep the architecture simple and reliable. Do not try to build complex SCCM solutions in your environment.

With the minimum investment, we should have better control over the SCCM environment and endpoints. At the same time, we should not compromise with the quality of support to end-users. I think Cireson’s “True Control Center” for SCCM Admin and L1 Teams is the best option to try to keep your SCCM environment efficient and straightforward.

Real-World Challenges

Following are some of the real-world challenges for most of the organization. As IT support, we need to provide the best solution for the following problems. In-house solutions like scripts and applications are quick and dirty solutions.

Install and Maintain different versions of SCCM console
Publish and Maintain SCCM console packages in Citrix Servers
Install and Manage terminal servers for remote console access
Remote Assistance and Remote support Challenges

Details about Cireson’s True Control Center Solution

Whether you’re using Microsoft Service Manager or another Help Desk solution, the True Control Center works in conjunction to deliver the next generation of advanced remote support tools for IT teams.

As an evolution of the Cireson Portal for Configuration Manager, the True Control Center harnesses the power of SCCM to provide Support Teams with essential features and functionality, including:-

Remote control of PC’s
Viewing technical and user data 
Unlocking and resetting users’ passwords 
Deploying software, and more

By securely delegating these tasks to Support Teams, Administrators can scale operations and focus on higher priority IT initiatives for the organization. Use the True Control Center with the Cireson Portal for Service Manager for an easy, single pane of glass experience.

True Control Center for SCCM Admin – Real-World Story of an SCCM Admin

“With great power comes great responsibility.” I heard that in a movie once. This is a quote that Microsoft SCCM Admins know all too well. SCCM has a lot of power to manage a company’s servers and workstations from a central point. Gone are the days of carrying around discs to put an OS or application on a workstation or server and dealing with multiple versions of multiple Operating Systems at multiple patch levels (if any).

The great responsibility comes from the fact that if I am not paying attention, I can bring down every server, workstation, ATM, or slot machine (many ATMs and slots use Windows…fun fact) in my company from that same comfortable ergonomic chair. It happened with SCCM before. There are career-ending horror stories (Google it). So, SCCM Admins must be on the ball, and careful as the ultimate accountability for any mishaps with the system lies exclusively with them.

Read the full version of the post “How Configuration Manager Admins Can Rest Easy with True Control Center” by Billy Wilson.

Take the True Control Center by requesting a free Demo or play around in our online Demo Lab.

Key Features of True Control Center for SCCM

Support Teams

Deploy Software to Computers
Deploy Software to Users
View Users, View User Details
View Computers, View Computer Details
Summary Dashboard
Reset Passwords
Unlock Accounts
View Deployments
Set Primary Users
Perform Remote Troubleshooting


Perform advanced remote troubleshooting
Secure role based administration
Delegation of SCCM functionality to Support Teams
Deliver real time announcements to IT teams
Customizable summary dashboards
Easily monitor software deployments
Templates to standardize deployments 
Reset/Unlock Analysts Passowrds
Quickly access important technical data at your fingertips
No SCCM Console deployment & training required

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