VeeamON Virtual Conference Nov 20th 2019

VeeamON virtual conference is all set to start onĀ Nov 20th, 2019. You can attend this event, depending on the timezone you are from. They have options for ASIA, EUROPE, AMERICA time zones.

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VeeamON is the premier virtual conference for the IT professionals who are interested to learn about data protection, cloud, security, and management technologies.

You will get an opportunity to engage with Veeam’s experts and partners to learn more about cutting edge technologies. You can find me in the expert launch. If you find me, don’t forget to say “Hi”!

It seems more than 5,000 attendees and receives exclusive access to sessions and content that will keep you on top of the innovations, tools, and techniques needed today.


Register – VeeamON Virtual

Register from here ➡➡▶

Veeam segregated the content of VeeamON virtual conference:

  • Vision & Strategy
  • Implementation Best Practices
  • Cloud-Powered
  • Architecture & Design

The most favourite topic on this conference for me is “the latest cloud innovations with Azure, AWS and Office 365.”


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