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This post and video tutorial will cover SCCM CB preview 1711 upgrade and new features. This is not a production version of SCCM CB. Hence, we are not supposed to install this version in production environments. SCCM CB 1711 is the preview version and should be installed only in a lab environment.

What is the Importance of SCCM Preview Releases?

SCCM CB preview version is similar to Windows insiders program which helps SCCM admins to test the new features of SCCM CB. Before installing this version of the technical preview, you can go through the limitations of SCCM CB version here. We can’t install CAS and secondary servers with the preview version. The prerequisite for installing SCCM CB 1711 preview version is not changed.

Video Tutorial SCCM CB Preview 1711 Upgrade and New Features

How to Create SCCM CB Preview Version Lab Environment?

Have you installed an SCCM CB preview version? If not, you can download the latest baseline version of ConfigMgr SCCM CB Technical Preview from here. One version of SCCM preview has maximum validity only 3 months (90 days).

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How to Upgrade to the latest version SCCM CB Preview?

The SCCM CB update and servicing process are same as before. Once the latest version of the preview is released then, the update will be available in SCCM console. The update will automatically get downloaded into your server. Right click on the update and select “Install Update Pack” to start the upgrade process.

The upgrade process is explained in the video tutorial here
Video Tutorial SCCM CB Preview 1711 Upgrade and New Features

New Features of SCCM CB 1711 Preview Version

Following are the three highlighted features of SCCM CB 1711 preview version. But, Ronni has blogged about another exciting feature in his blog post. More details about that “SCCM: Enable Desktop Clients as PXE Servers.”

Improvements to run task sequence step
Allow user interaction when installing an application
New compliance policies for Windows 10

Nesting of Task Sequence:- In the task sequence editor, click Add, select General, and click Run Task Sequence. Click Browse to choose the child task sequence.

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Allow user interaction when installing an application:- You can allow an end user to interact with an application installation during the running of the task sequence. During task sequence progress, the application installation interface appears on the target end-user device. The task sequence progress pauses until the end user completes the application installation workflow.

New compliance policy options for Windows 10 :- You can check the Firewall software is enabled on Windows 10 machine or not. If not enabled you can block the access to company resources. You can also check whether UAC is enabled on Windows machine. If not enabled, you can block the access to company resources.
Defender verification is also possible via Windows 10 compliance policies through SCCM console.


Capabilities in Technical Preview 1711 for System Center Configuration Manager – Here

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