What is AIOps – Digital Transformation Powered by AIOps

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been a buzzword for a few years. All modern applications are developed using AI, and this digital transformation raises the need for AIOps. This post will find more details about AI IT Operational platforms.

I don’t know. Maybe the SCCM operations team might be using AIOps platforms without really knowing about it 🙂 SCCM Desktop analytics and management insights are some examples of SCCM AIOps.

How about Intune Ops team? Yeah, I’m sure they are using AIOps platforms! Everything related to Intune is based on big data and AI. What do you think?

What is AIOps?

The growth in AI-based applications opened up a new market for IT operations powered by Artificial Intelligence. What is AIOps? – Artificial Intelligence IT Operations (AIOps) refers to multi-layered technology platforms that empower IT operations (IT Pros) using:

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  • Analytics and Machine learning to analyze big data collected from various telemetry data
  • Automatic remediation of issues in real-time

So, there is exponential growth in the Artificial Intelligence Operations (i.e., AIOps) platforms.

As AIOps is new to the IT world, there is a learning curve to build processes around operational practices in the real world. Organizations are trying to develop operational best practices based on AIOps. You need to develop all the practices ground up for AIOps.

What is AIOps - Digital Transformation Powered by AIOps
What is AIOps – Digital Transformation Powered by AIOps – Pic Credit to lntinfotech

White Paper – Digital Transformation Powered by AIOps

IT Industry is helping the IT industry adopt AIOps best practices with the AIOps white paper. Digital Transformation powered by AIOps whitepaper breaks the implementation down into a modular project to ensure that value is shown early as possible.

AIOps platforms use big data, machine learning, and other advanced analytics technologies to enhance IT operations. You can download AIOps Whitepaper and learn six (6) simple steps to successfully deploy an AIOps solution and transform your IT Operations.


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