What is SysAdmin Day for Proud IT Pros

It’s that time of the year to say Thank you, SysAdmin. Here’s to hope SCCM, Intune, Hyper-V, ESX, etc. servers don’t go down on our big day! SysAdmin day 2018 is on Friday 27th July. SysAdmins are System Administrators, and in other words, they are IT Pros.

SysAdmin = IT Pro


How do I Celebrate SysAdmin Day?
Who are System Admins or SysAdmins?
When is SysAdmin Day?
How to Win Prices on SysAdmin Day?

How do I Celebrate SysAdmin Day

I was able to make the awareness of this SysAdmin Day within the organisation. We arranged corporate level quiz program on this day. We tried to arrange a SysAdmin march-past within placards our IT Park where more than 10K people are working.

Who are System Admins or SysAdmins?

Yes, following are SysAdmins – System administrators. IT pros. The IT guy (or gal). Techies. They have many names. IT Pros are IT Administrators who don’t want to do coding (by choice).

Patch My PC

IT Pros are part of operations teams. They love to manage Server, Cloud Servers, Cloud Services, Cloud Storage, SaaS applications, Databases, Network Environment (Firewalls, Routers, Proxy, and Switches), Desktops, Laptops, Mobile, Security, and on-prem Applications. They are the folks who do design & architecture of Data Centers, Applications, Network Infrastructure, Server Infrastructure, etc.

I have a blog post explains more about SysAdmins and other IT jobs. I would recommend reading the post to have more details about SysAdmin profile.

When is SysAdmin Day?

You can celebrate SysAdmin day on the last Friday of July. This year it’s on 27th July. System Administrator Appreciation Day is a 24 hours event. This day has always been on the Last Friday of July.

1E Nomad

How to Win Prices on SysAdmin Day?

Altaro will be giving away Amazon eGift Cards to the first 100 eligible entries and 1 Grand Prize for one (1) lucky winner.

Altaro has some fantastic options for the grand prize including a PlayStation 4 Pro, Xbox One X, 3-year membership of Amazon Prime and more, but it will be up to the Grand Prize winner to choose his/her Grand Prize.

PlayStation 4 Pro

Xbox One X

3-year membership of Amazon Prime

So in total, we would have 101 winners (if all are eligible entries).

Checkout the following banner to know more details and win the gifts on SysAdmin Day.

Happy SysAdmin Day to all of my readers!! 

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