Windows 10 Accelerator Program Session at BITPro Event

This is my last post of this year if nothing super exciting comes on my way until 1st Jan 2018. On the 16th of Dec, we had a very successful event at Bangalore IT Pro. We had sessions on Windows AutoPilotSCCMIntuneAzure AD, and Terraform. I have already posted about BITPro events in the following post. More details BITPro User Group Meeting Presentation Decks and Useful Links. In this post, we will discuss more details about Windows 10 Accelerator Program session at the BITPro event.

My new year wishes and recap of the year 2017 are explained in the following post “2017 SCCM ConfigMgr Intune Community Around Me“.

What is Adaptiva’s Windows 10 Accelerator Program?

Adaptiva’s Adam Bresson presented a session on Adaptiva’s Windows 10 accelerator program at BITPro Event. We could see loads of interest in attendees to know more about the details and demo. In this post, we will have more information about the infra setup required to speed up Windows 10 migration.

The Adaptiva Windows 10 Accelerator Program is an ecosystem that covers all phases of Windows 10 adoption. The three stages of Windows 10 adoption are Plan & TestDeploy, and Maintain. Plan & Test phase includes compatibility of Applications, Drivers & Hardware models.

Windows 10 Accelerator Program Session at BITPro Event

App Rationalization Automation and User Self-Scheduling are two of the critical pillar of deploy phase. Windows OS Health and Security Checks are the starting point of maintaining Windows 10. More details about the Windows 10 adoption strategies are available here.

What are the Four Components of Adaptiva’s Windows 10 Accelerator Program

Adaptiva OneSite
Adaptiva Client Health for Windows 10
Microsoft MVP Training and Guides
Windows 10 Community Tools

Adaptiva’s Windows 10 Accelerator Program helps IT Pros a stress-free, cost-effective way to plan, test, deploy, and maintain Windows 10. This end-to-end ecosystem assembles the products, tools, and training you need to speed zero-touch Windows 10 deployments at scale.

Windows 10 Accelerator Program Session at BITPro Event

SCCM & Adaptiva Infrastructure Requirement

We need to have SCCM Infrastructure and Adaptive Onsite Infrastructure in place to advantages of Windows 10 accelerator program. Yes, we need to have Windows 10 golden image ready to use and tested with all the existing devices in your organization.

Why do we want to use Adaptiva Onesite infrastructure to perform stress-free Windows 10 migrations? Following is the Webinar recording where you will get all these details.

Windows 10 Accelerator Program Webinar (Download)

Windows 10 Accelerator Program Session at BITPro Event

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