Windows 10 ADK Versions SCCM Support Scenarios

In this post, you will see the details of Windows 10 ADK versions and SCCM support scenarios. This post also comes with ADK download links. Also, this post will give some more information about SCCM 1902 and supported ADK versions.

Windows 10 and Windows 11 ADK and WinPE add-on help to customize Windows images for organizations. I feel these versions numbers and supported scenarios for Windows 10 ADK with SCCM/ConfigMgr are a bit complex. Hence thought of putting it together to kind of help IT admins.

we are going to have more news and details released about Windows 11 ADK in future posts. I don’t think there is any drastic change with Windows 11 ADK and WinPE. Also, SCCM support for Windows 11 ADKs is going to follow the similar pattern that they use for Windows 10.

Windows 10 ADK Support for SCCM

The following table will help you to understand the support mechanism between SCCM versions and Windows 10 ADK versions. I have covered only the fully supported version of Windows 10 ADK with SCCM versions.

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Since we don’t have any special feature update scenarios for Windows 10 anymore (at least since the last few updates), the Windows 10 ADK versions are not changing much, and even support matrix are not changing much.

NOTE! – As we mentioned in the Windows 10 ADK installation step by step guide, we don’t recommend using SCCM or ADK version combination, which is Backward Compatible as per Microsoft documentation.

SCCM VersionWindows 10 VersionADK Version
SCCM 2107 Windows 10 ADK Version 2004 10.1.19041
SCCM 2103Windows 10 ADK Version 2004 10.1.19041
SCCM 2010Windows 10 ADK Version 2004
SCCM 2006Windows 10 ADK Version 2004
SCCM 2002Windows 10 ADK Version 2004
SCCM 1910Windows 10 ADK Version 1903
SCCM 1906Windows 10 ADK Version 1903
SCCM 1902Windows 10 ADK Version 190310.1.18362
SCCM 1902 & 1810Windows 10 ADK Version 180910.1.17763
SCCM 1806 & 1802Windows 10 ADK Version 180310.1.17134
SCCM 1802 & 1710Windows 10 ADK Version 170910.1.16299
SCCM 1706 & 1702Windows 10 ADK Version 170310.1.15063
Windows 10 ADK Versions Select the Features you want to install - Upgrade Windows ADK on SCCM Servers
Windows 10 ADK versions

List of Windows 10 ADK Versions

The following table will give you more details about the supported versions of Windows 10 ADK. Microsoft does not support the previous versions which are not on the list.

1E Nomad

NOTE! – Recommendation is to use the latest and supported versions of Windows 10 ADK.

Windows 10 VersionADK VersionDownload Link
Windows 10 ADK Version 200410.1.19041Download ADK 2004
Windows 10 ADK Version 190310.1.18362Download ADK
Windows 10 ADK Version 180910.1.17763Download ADK
Windows 10 ADK Version 180310.1.17134Download ADK
Windows 10 ADK Version 170910.1.16299Download ADK
Windows 10 ADK Version 170310.1.15063Download ADK

Windows 10 ADK Upgrade Myths

I don’t think Windows 10 1903 ADK upgrade process will impact your custom boot images and OSD process. I have done many Windows 10 ADK upgrades in the past without impacting the OSD process at all.

You don’t have to worry about the SCCM OSD impact while upgrading Windows 10 1903 ADK upgrade (especially if you are using custom boot images and MDT boot images).