Windows 10 RollBack Option is missing from the Upgraded Windows 8.1 Machines

Now my primary laptop Dell Precision M4600 Mobile Workstation is also running with Windows 10 Technical Preview 2. Couple of times, Windows 10 upgrade process got failed on this windows 8.1 laptop. Windows 10 upgrade has almost finished and just before completing the upgrade process it got failed. However, I didn’t lose any  data or applications as Windows 10 upgrade process was successfully restored the FULLY working version of Windows 8.1. I’m really loving Windows 10 upgrade process because of this restore feature. I got the Windows 8.1 laptop upgraded to Windows 10 TP2 in the 3rd attempt. Only difference between 2nd and 3rd Windows 10 upgrade attempt was the removal of some unwanted applications.

After Windows 10 upgrade, my Hyper-v lab with SCCM 2012 CAS and Primary servers are intact. Most of the applications are working apart from Microsoft Office (irony). I don’t worry about Office as I can download and use Office 2016 as blogged here.


I got an interesting reply for one of my tweet and that tweet was related to the post “How to Uninstall Windows 10 TP and Restore Previous Version of Windows“. The reply was from Surjeet and his question was “I upgraded from 8.1 to but never saw the boot option to rollback when restarting the pc“. So when you upgrade a Windows 8.1 machine to Windows 10 then you won’t get the following screen whenever you reboot the machine.


So Why this option “Choose an Operating System” is missing for “Windows 10 machines” which are upgraded from Windows 8.1? I was not sure, why is the behavior different from “Windows 7 to Windows 10” upgrade! This was the trigger behind my 3rd attempt towards upgrading my Windows 8.1 Precision laptop. After the successful upgrade to Windows 10, I’ve noticed that Surjeet was correct in stating there is no option to select Windows Rollback when restarting the PC.

I was checking the same old trick which helped us in Dual boot scenarios. We can find “this settings” when you navigate via system properties (sysdm.cpl) –> Advanced tab –> “Startup and Recovery –> Settings“. I’ve noticed that “On Startup and Recovery window” –> The Default Operating System option –> “Time to display list if Operating Systems” option is NOT enabled and this is the default settings when you upgrade Windows 8.1 to Windows 10.


I’ve enabled “Time to display list if Operating Systems” as you can see in the following picture. Once you enable this option, you’ll get Windows Rollback option when you restart Windows 10 machine.


So the fact is that Windows Rollback option is always there in all Windows 10 upgrades. In some cases it’s not displayed (rather it’s hidden) while booting up Windows 10 machine. Windows 8.1 machines will also get the Windows 10 Rollback option when you enable “Time to Display List of Operating System” option from System Properties (SYSDM.CPL).


Edit:- Today morning I got a reply to my Tweet from none other than Gabriel Aul !! He suggested the other way to restore machines back to previous OS. @GabeAul :@anoopmannur You’ll also be able to select rollback in Settings > Update & recovery > Recovery.

Windows 10 -1

Windows 10 -2

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26 thoughts on “Windows 10 RollBack Option is missing from the Upgraded Windows 8.1 Machines”

  1. Awesome, but it’s too late for me to rollback as I’ve already deleted most of the stuff in Windows.OLD on my C:\ – taking too much disk space using the disk cleanup utility 🙂 Although I should’ve spent bit more time investigating but surely didn’t bother because everything was hunky-dory on #Windows10 TP.. Keep sharing..

  2. Thanks for this forum. I ran into the same issue but as I run system properties there is no options other than Windows 10 in the default OS and the delay was selected. Funny thing is this morning I set the delay using bcdedit and there was a rollback option for a few reboots but it is no longer available. We made no other system changes.

  3. I’m strucking in the login screen of windows 10 builds 10041 that too without any log in options. Just a blue screen is appearing. Tried all the troubleshooting options. Do you have any other options?? Thanks in advance. Please help me to rollback to windows 8.1, if you can.

  4. Hello, I also use a m4600 as my primary laptop.
    I’m currently running Win7 Pro with 10bit IPS screen and quadro 2000m.
    Windows 10 tech preview looks pretty cool, I’m considering trying it out.

    Have you had any major issues with Win10 on your m4600?

    I’m mainly worried about hardware keys, volume controls, brightness controls etc.
    Does that stuff work?

    Any information is greatly appreciated. I’m glad I found your blog, lots of interesting posts.

    Thank you.

  5. Hello,
    If the upgraded from windows 8.1 to windows 10 then the any data is lost from the drives or on the desktop??
    Please reply
    Thank you

  6. i didn’t have any options like roll back in advanced settings how can i get reinstall windows 8.1 can u please tell me

  7. Do not at all like the fact that Windows 10 enforces using the Windows cloud account. In the process of rolling back more than 50 machines which were updated and removing update capabilities for many more.

    Another garbage windows product.

  8. I notice other people ASUS rolling back to windows 7 and a night mare boot sytem nightmare… Thank God for back ups rather than waste time fixing I did a fresh in stall if you have a computer over 3 year dont bother with win 10….

    That said I liked what I saw but there were problems for older sytems

  9. i have a problem with my windows 10.

    just got it today it looked super cool and stuff but i cant play my games so when i wanted to rollback to my windows 7 the place where it should be wouldn’t show what can i do?
    help please

  10. I’m use Precision M4600 Win 7 Pro. Should I upgrade to win 10? I read in Dell Suport is Dell not tested M4600. Answer me pls. Thanks

  11. My just upgrade to win 10 today. But I can’t adjust brightness when turn on Optimus ( in BIOT ). How to turn on Optimus with adjust brightness normal. Help me, thanks! (Optimus support for windows 7 32/64 bit is true????). Help me Anoop.

  12. I want to go back to windows 8 or windows 7 ,I have no options in windows 10 to roll back ,I`ve tried to install windows 7 from original disc but it wont boot even though I have set it to boot from disc in bios . How can I reformat or reinstall windows 7 from original disc can anyone help . I hate how windows 10 has changed internet options etc . wish I never downloaded windows 10 .if someone can please help id appreciate it thank you.

  13. I have a HP ENVY PHOENIX upgraded to windows 10 from windows 8.1 , i have no rollback and ive tried installing windows 8 and even changed to dvd in bios it wont install i want to get rid of windows 10 i read i could roll back if not happy but i dont have this option and now even windows 10 wont work . just a blank screen with a cursor , i want to just go back to windows 8 can anyone help with this issue please ,i just want to install a clean windows 7 or 8 from disc thank you .


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