How to Add or Upload a Software Apps to Microsoft Intune

Windows Intune, the application or a service which can be leveraged for “PC MANAGEMENT & SECURITY IN THE CLOUD”. Probably, a Lighter version of ConfigMgr. More details about Windows Intune here. So at last, I’ve done some testing on this.


In this post, I’m going to explain my experience while adding a software or application to Windows Intune. Intune uses web based console through that we can add software/s and deploy the same to managed devices.



Open up admin console from the home page. Click on “Software” –> “Managed Software” –> “Add Software”

As soon as you click on Add Software button, the IE (any other supported browser) will start downloading an application named “Windows Intune Software Publisher”.



First page of the wizard gives options like a) Add Software b) Edit Software c) Upload an Update and d) Edit an Update. Select Add software to add a software to Windows Intune.


imageSelect the platform and Specify the location of the software files. In my case it’s Windows and location of the software is local system. This will automatically calculate the size of the exe or msi. I’m not going to cover next page in the wizard as it’s just same as ConfigMgr package creation wizard. Need to provide the Name and details about the software which we’re going to add. In my case, it was Cisco VPN client.


imageSpecify the requirement that must be met on the target computers before installation can start. Mainly, need to select whether this application or software should be installed only on x64 or x86 machines or Both. Also, need to select the Operating System requirements. This is also very similar to ConfigMgr program requirements.


imageDetection rules are very helpful in terms of managing the deployments. This can detect the software is already installed on the managed device via file, MSI Product code or with registry key.



There is option to specify the customized command line for a particular software. It seems, the custom command line is not working well with this version of Windows Intune. We need to keep it as default.


imageIn this page, the return code can be customized and by default 0 for success and 3010 for failures.


imageUploading the software data to Windows Intune. So, we’re successfully uploaded the software to Windows Intune.


imageThe uploaded software can be managed through the option called “Manage Deployments”. This option can be used for creating a deployment. Target devices or users can be selected during this process.


imageDeployment and Deadline options are very similar to ConfigMgr. We can have mandatory deployments with “As Soon As Possible” deadline. There are 4 deployment types available a) Required Install b) Do Not Install c) Available Install and d) Uninstall.image

Note :- Some of the improvements needed are delta upload of software. In current scenario, if there is a small change in software source then we need to upload the entire software source again.

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