2023 December KB5033375 KB5033369 Windows 11 Patches and 1 Zero-Day Vulnerability

Windows 11 KB5033375 KB5033369 2023 December Microsoft releases patches to fix known security and performance issues. The Windows 10 KB5033372 December patch was also released. There is 1 zero-day vulnerability (CVE-2023-20588 – AMD: CVE-2023-20588 AMD Speculative Leaks) that Microsoft has announced.

On the latest December patch Tuesday, Microsoft disclosed 0 zero-day vulnerabilities. Updating your system with the patches Microsoft has provided is essential to keep your computer safe.

The newest updates for Windows 11 in December bring solutions to some issues. One of these fixes is for the Copilot in Windows (in preview) icon on the taskbar. The update also addresses a possible problem with Microsoft OneNote. If you tried to open OneNote using a pen right-click, it might not work as expected.

The December update for Windows 11 brings some cool features. With Copilot in Windows (in preview), you can use it across multiple screens. Another essential feature in this update is your Microsoft account. It starts the rollout of account-related notifications for Microsoft accounts in Settings >Home.

Patch My PC
Windows 11 23H2 and 22H2 Windows 11 21H2
2023 December KB5033375 KB5033369 Windows 11 Patches and Zero Day Vulnerability – Table 1

What is Patch Tuesday? Why is it Important to Install these Updates?


Microsoft releases updates for Windows OS every month on the second Tuesday. This regular security release is known as “Patch Tuesday.” Installing the security updates is crucial for keeping your system secure and reliable.

How to Seek Windows Updates?

Windows 11 allows you to choose when and how to receive the latest updates to ensure your device runs efficiently and securely. To manage your update preferences and view available updates, select “Check for Windows updates.”

  • Alternatively, you can seek the latest Windows update by selecting Start > Settings > Windows Update and accessing the update settings.
  • Microsoft releases security updates on “Patch Tuesday,” the second Tuesday of each month at 10:00 AM PST.
  • IT professionals should plan their deployment schedules according to their time zone(s).
2023 December KB5033375 KB5033369 Windows 11 Patches and Zero Day Vulnerability - Fig 2
2023 December KB5033375 KB5033369 Windows 11 Patches and Zero Day Vulnerability – Fig 2

Windows 11 23H2 and 22H2 KB5033375 December Patch New Features

The following table provides a summary of the new features introduced with the Windows 11 23H2 and 22H2 December Patch Tuesday update (KB5033375).

A critical addition to this update is the preview of centralized AI assistance known as Copilot in Windows. With this feature, Windows 11 became the first PC platform to incorporate centralized AI assistance. It is designed to enhance productivity and help users accomplish tasks more efficiently.

2023 December KB5033375 KB5033369 Windows 11 Patches and Zero Day Vulnerability - Fig 3
2023 December KB5033375 KB5033369 Windows 11 Patches and Zero Day Vulnerability – Fig 3
New Features December Patch Tuesday KBDetails
Copilot in Windows (Preview) – Multiple Displays> Press the Copilot in Windows taskbar button on the taskbar of the desired display.
> Press Win+C to show Copilot on the last display.
> For keyboard users, press Win+T to focus on the taskbar.
> Go to the Copilot in Windows button on the taskbar to open it on any display.
> Initially available to a small audience.
Copilot in Windows (Preview) – Alt+Tab> Press Alt+Tab to enable thumbnail previews for Copilot in Windows
> Use the Tab keystroke to navigate and switch between different open windows, including Copilot in Windows.
Windows Spotlight Default BackgroundWindows Spotlight may become the default background when using inbox Windows images.
Account-Related NotificationsMicrosft Rollout of account-related notifications for Microsoft accounts.
Settings > Home.
Notifications in the Start menu and Settings. Manage in Settings > Privacy & Security > General.
Copilot in Windows (Preview) Speed ImprovementImproved speed when opening Copilot in Windows from the taskbar.
2023 December KB5033375 KB5033369 Windows 11 Patches and Zero Day Vulnerability – Table 3

Issues Fixed with Windows 11 December Patches

Let’s explore the issues fixed with the Windows 11 December patch Tuesday KBs (KB5033375 KB5033369). The following table covers both Windows 11 23H2 and 22H2 fixes.

Fixes with Windows 11 December PatchesDetails
Addresses an issue related to Copilot in Windows (Preview) IconThe Copilot in Windows icon on the taskbar did not show as active when Copilot in Windows was open.
Fixes an issue causing IE mode to stop respondingOccurs when pressing the left arrow key with an empty text box focused and caret browsing is on.
IE Mode Issue (Multiple Tabs)Fixed the issue causing IE mode to stop responding with multiple tabs open.
Dynamic Lighting Power Usage ReductionReduced power usage of Dynamic Lighting on the device.
Cursor Issue in Japanese WritingFixed an issue affecting the cursor in Japanese writing, causing it to move to unexpected places.
Addresses an issue that affects the cursorAddressed issue causing cursor movement to lag in certain screen capture scenarios.
Widgets Notification Badge Position IssueFixed issue with the Widgets notification badge appearing in the wrong position on the taskbar.
Fixes issues related to File Explorer – Shift + F10 ShortcutAddressed the issue where pressing Shift + F10 didn’t open the file explorer shortcut (context) menu
File Explorer Window Appearance issueFixed issue where File Explorer windows unexpectedly appeared in the foreground.
Addressed issue with File Explorer left paneFile Explorer left pane options showing the wrong state.
Microsoft Store Apps Issue
Microsoft Store Apps IssueFixed issue with apps from Microsoft Store not responding and failing to update.
Issue related to Shortcut (Context) Menu PerformanceImproved performance of the shortcut (context) menu when opened on the desktop and in File Explorer.
Narrator Setup Screen IssueAddressed issue where Narrator failed to open on the Setup screen during Windows installation.
.RAR File Display IssueAddresses an issue where .RAR files are displayed as empty in File Explorer.
Netherlands Time Zone Update issueAdds the recent man-made landmass outside of Rotterdam to the shape files in the Netherlands time zone.
Fixes issues related to the Trusted Sites Zone Logon PolicyResolves an issue with the Trusted Sites Zone logon policy, making it manageable using mobile device management (MDM).
IE Mode Webpage Behavior issueFixes a problem in IE mode where a webpage may not function correctly with an open modal dialog.
App Cursor Issues with WebView2Standalone XAML ControlAddresses cursor-related problems in apps using the WebView2Standalone XAML control, where the cursor behaves unexpectedly.
RDMA Performance Counters IssueFixes an issue with remote direct memory access (RDMA) performance counters not returning networking data correctly on VMs.
32-bit GDI Applications Unresponsiveness issueResolves the problem causing 32-bit GDI based applications to stop responding on 64-bit Windows OSs using more than 2 GB of memory.
Fixes Microsoft OneNote Pen Right-Click IssueAddresses a potential issue in Microsoft OneNote where using a pen right-click to open it might fail.
AAC Decoder Issue with Wrong Input Sampling RateFixes an issue with the Advanced Audio Coding (AAC) decoder not working well on websites that set the wrong input sampling rate.
Fixes PresentAt Feature Power Consumption IssueAddresses a problem affecting hardware using the PresentAt feature, where power consumption increases during full-screen video playback.
Fixes Systems Settings Application Unresponsiveness issueResolves an issue where the Systems Settings application stops responding after turning off Device Encryption.
Microsoft Defender for Endpoint Enablement of CA ScenariosEnables Conditional Access (CA) scenarios in Microsoft Defender for Endpoint (MDE).
Remote Desktop Session Reconnection IssueFixes an issue preventing reconnection to an existing Remote Desktop session, resulting in the creation of a new session.
Windows LAPS PasswordExpirationProtectionEnabled Policy issueResolves an issue with the PasswordExpirationProtectionEnabled policy in Windows LAPS, ensuring proper setting activation.
Volatile Notifications Leak issueAddresses a leak in volatile notifications that might prevent signing in to the machine.
Fixes an issue in Windows Sandbox Locale-Dependent File ExplorerResolves an issue in Windows Sandbox where File Explorer stops responding if the machine’s locale is not US English.
Remote Desktop Web Authentication Sovereign Cloud Endpoint IssueFixes an issue affecting Remote Desktop web authentication, allowing connection to sovereign cloud endpoints.
Fixes Speech Recognition Package Download Issue for Certain PCsResolves an issue preventing certain PCs from downloading speech recognition packages.
2023 December KB5033375 KB5033369 Windows 11 Patches and Zero Day Vulnerability – Table 4

Known Issues from December Windows 11 Patches KB5033375 KB5033369

Let’s look at the issues fixed with the Windows 11 December patch Tuesday KBs (KB5033375 KB5033369). The following table covers both Windows 11 23H2 and 22H2 fixes.

Workaround for BitLocker might incorrectly receive a 65000 error: To mitigate this issue in Microsoft Intune; you can set the “Enforce drive encryption type on operating system drives” or “Enforce drive encryption on fixed drives” policies not to be configured.

SummaryOriginating UpdateStatus
Printer names and icons might be changed, and the HP Smart app automatically installsN/AInvestigating the issue and will provide an update
Desktop icons might move unexpectedly between monitorsN/AAddressing the issue and working on a solution
The Narrator might not start if installing Windows 11, version 23H2 via ISO or mediaN/AWorking on a resolution and updated
BitLocker might incorrectly receive a 65000 error in MDMsN/AWorking on a resolution and will provide an update
Compatibility issues with Intel Smart Sound Technology drivers and Windows 11N/AWorkaround provided – working on a resolution.
2023 December KB5033375 KB5033369 Windows 11 Patches and Zero Day Vulnerability – Table 5

SCCM Windows 11 KB5033375 KB5033369 Deployment

Follow these simple steps to deploy the December 2023 Cumulative Updates (KB5033375 and KB5033369) for Windows 11 using SCCM/WSUS. Go to Software Library > Overview > Software Updates > All Software Updates.

Right-click on the “All Software Updates” node and start a WSUS Sync. This ensures you have the latest information. Search with the following KB5033375 KB5033369 Number. If you can’t find them by the KB numbers, you can also search using the description “23-12 Cumulative Update for Windows 11.”

Intune Windows 11 KB5033375 KB5033369 Deployment

You can easily install the December 2023 Patch Tuesday Cumulative Updates (LCU) for Windows 11 through Microsoft Intune. The patch deployment process in Microsoft Intune is different from that of SCCM.

More Details on Zero Day Out Of Band Patch Deployment Using Intune MEM Expedite Best Option and Intune Reporting Issue: Expedite Windows Security Patch Deployment.

Windows 11 KB5033375 KB5033369 Direct Download Links

You can manually download the December 2023 Cumulative Update for Windows 11 (KB5033375 KB5033369) from the Microsoft Update Catalog website. You can utilize the direct download links provided in the following tables.

You can check the Microsoft Update Catalog portal to get the Windows 11 LCUs direct download links for the December 2023 LCU. Check out the Microsoft Update Catalog, https://www.catalog.update.microsoft.com/

Search for updates from the Windows Update Catalog – To download the latest cumulative update (LCU) for your operating system that you want to apply manually.

  • Enter the KB article number
  • Click the Search icon
  • Search Keyword 2023-12
2023 December KB5033375 KB5033369 Windows 11 Patches and Zero Day Vulnerability - Fig 4
2023 December KB5033375 KB5033369 Windows 11 Patches and Zero Day Vulnerability – Fig 4

TitleProductsSizeDirect Download
2023-11 Cumulative Update for Windows 11 for x64-based Systems (KB5033375)Windows 11 23H2622.5 MBDownload
2023-11 Cumulative Update for Windows 11 Version 22H2 for x64-based Systems (KB5033369)Windows 11 21H2356.0 MBDownload
2023 December KB5033375 KB5033369 Windows 11 Patches and Zero Day Vulnerability – Table 6

Automated Patch Management with Windows Autopatch

Autopatch helps streamline updating operations and create new opportunities for IT pros. The Windows Autopatch Release Management clarifies the quality, feature updates, and installation schedules in the Intune portal; here, you can get more information on the Windows Autopatch Implementation Setup Guide.

In Intune Portal, Navigate to Devices Under Windows Autopatch. Select Release Management, which displays the updates and releases scheduled.

2023 December KB5033375 KB5033369 Windows 11 Patches and Zero Day Vulnerability – Video 1


December 12, 2023—KB5033375 (OS Builds 22621.2861 and 22631.2861) – Microsoft Support

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