Why Available Action is Disabled from Android for Work App Deployment in Intune


Android for Work configuration for Intune is not very difficult. I have published a post about “How to setup Android for Work management in Intune” here. When you deploy a volume purchased application to Android for Work devices then, there are some restrictions. We can deploy Android for Work Volume Licensed apps only to user groups. The ONLY deployment actions/options enabled in the drop down list are Not Applicable, Required and Uninstall actions. The “available” deployment Action/option is DISABLE for Android for Work applications.

Android for Work Application Deployment experience has explained in the video here

Why Available Action is Disabled from Android for Work App Deployment in Intune 1

Recently, it came to my notice that for some of the tenants, Android for Work Volume-Purchased App deployment action called “Available” has enabled. These “Google play for Work” applications can be deployed to user/device groups in those tenants where the available action is enabled. I have a more detailed explanation in the above video, and  you can watch it from here. So what does that mean?

Android for Work Volume-Purchased application deployment option called “Available” and volume purchased app deployment to device groups are ONLY available with new grouping experience in the Azure portal. Hence this feature has tied to Azure AD group targeting which requires migration from Intune silver light portal to Azure. Even, when you go to “Google Play for Work” app store from your “Android for work” supported devices, you can’t see all the Android for Work apps. It will only list you the apps which are deployed from Intune console.

Why Available Action is Disabled from Android for Work App Deployment in Intune 2

App deployment action details are well documented in the TechNet article here. When the app is displayed in the Volume-Purchased Apps node of the Apps workspace, you can deploy it just like you would any other app. You can deploy the app to groups of users only. Currently, you can only select the Required and Uninstall actions. From October 2016, we will begin adding the Available deployment action to new tenants.

Reference Docs :-

How to deploy an Android for Work app – here


  1. Hi Anoop

    I need to ask you for help. Im not sucessful with this problem “Why Available Action is Disabled from Android for Work App Deployment in Intune”. I have groups in Azure AD (new experience) but i dont have “available” choice in application deployment. Could u help me with my problem? Thanks

    • Hi Lubomir! – Hope you are trying to deploy the app from Intune Silverlight portal. I shall double check whether your Intune Silverlight migration has been completed or only the first phase of the migration is completed?

      • We have this:
        – Office 365 full AD synced premise to azure AD
        – Intune on tenant o365
        – We are using Intune management online and all is integrated with Azure AD

        I have google account and bought developer console for google apps. Next we synced this account with Android for work on Intune portal. I have approved some apps from google play.


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