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Traditionally System admins are IT Pros who manage the on-prem server infra. Within Azure|Cloud world, most of the server admins are moved cloud server management. In this post, you get an option to download an eBook called “The SysAdmin Guide to Azure Infrastructure as a Service.”

Learn Azure IaaS

The free eBook helps to start learning Azure IaaS technologies from basics. This free eBook written by veteran IT consultant & Microsoft Certified trainer Paul Schnakenberg.

He covers all aspects of setting up and maintaining a high-performing Azure IaaS environment.

  • key terms o f Azure IaaS
  • Basic Features of Azure IaaS
  • Migration Technics
  • Every day maintenance
  • Best practices
  • Advanced features
The SysAdmin Guide to Azure Infrastructure as a Service

Download eBook Azure Infrastructure as a Service

You don’t have an Azure subscription to test all your learning? If so, the eBook explains how to set up a free 30-day trial alongside $200 worth of Azure resources to use and 12 months of additional free resources! 

You can download the free eBook from Altaro from the following link and it’s free.

Download – https://www.altaro.com/ebook/Azure-IaaS.php

30 Free Azure eBooks

Additional learning opportunity is available is here > “Download 30 Azure eBooks from Microsoft.”. All these thirty eBook are from Microsoft. It seems some of them are really old ones but still you can learn the basics.




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