How to Become a Backup Expert with the Help of Backup Academy

The intent of this post is to provide the details of resources which can help you to become a Backup Expert with the resources published in Backup Academy. Now almost everything is virtualized in corporate world and everything is cloud, including the servers, networks and clients systems.So what is the main difference between virtual and physical system backup? Physical system backup (very high level) is agent based backup. However, we can go with agent less backup technologies in virtualized world. What is HOS and GOS in backup world ? HOS is Host Operating System based backup and GOS is Guest Operating System based backup.

To get an Overview Backup Academy have a look at the following Video !!

Key topics covered under BACKUPAcademy are Why virtual machine backups are different?,Core technologies used for virtual machine backup,Disaster recovery of VMware workloads,Backing up enterprise applications: Transaction consistency is key,Restore capabilities of VMware backups,VMware backup integrity tools and Best practices for VMware backups,Best practices for Hyper-V backups.

Following are the topics covered in this post :-

What is the importance of Virtual server Backup

How to select best suited and efficient backup technology or Policy

What is BACKUPAcademy

What is Backup Academy’s goal

What is the importance of Backup Academy Certification

What is the importance of Virtual server Backup?

It’s very important for an organization to select a backup policy that would suite them. Some organizations h are very fast in adopting virtualization for cost cutting and they entirely forgot about their Virtual Servers backup. Virtual server backups can be accomplished using a traditional approach with conventional backup software. But that is not the correct way to proceed from an organization perspective. We can’t effectively take backup of virtual machines using old backup methods.

How to select best suited and efficient backup technology or Policy?

Honestly, the answer is “it depends”. Each organization will have their own criteria, strategy etc.… First of all we need to study about new backup technologies. The best place to start learning about virtual backup technologies is BACKUP Academy. Some good resources available HERE.

What is BACKUPAcademy?

This is the best place if you want learn the basics of performing backups and recovery of a virtual environment.  This site is product / vendor neutral and is supported by experts in their respective fields. More details about BACKUPAcademy here.

What is Backup Academy’s goal ?

Backup Academy’s goal is to help you become a virtual machine backup expert, so you can better meet the challenges of this changing environment. Backup Academy’s educational content is brought to you by renowned virtualization industry experts.

What is the importance of Backup Academy Certification?

After completing this certification, you will become a virtual Backup Expert. Following are the key takeaways of this certification.

– Important VM backup knowledge for both VMware and Hyper-V environments
– Proficiency in VM backup technologies and best practices
– Backup Academy Certified Professional status

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