ConfigMgr Shortcut EXE files RUN Commands|SCCM

Easy Access “Run” Commands for SCCM professionals . SCCM ConfigMgr commands from RUN menu of Windows.

Updated one – SCCM Shortcut Commands Windows Shortcut Commands (

Client ConfigMgr console Properties


Run Advertised Program (x64 & x86)


Patch My PC

Task Sequence Progress Bar (x64 & x86)


ConfigMgr Shortcut EXE files RUN Commands|SCCM
ConfigMgr Shortcut EXE files RUN Commands|SCCM

SMS Agent Host Restart (x64 & x86)


SCCM (ConfigMgr) Client Repair



Dim oCPAppletMgr
Set oCPAppletMgr = CreateObject("CPApplet.CPAppletMgr")
Dim oClientActions
Set oClientActions = oCPAppletMgr.GetClientActions()
Dim oClientAction
For Each oClientAction In oClientActions
If oClientAction.Name = "Request & Evaluate Machine Policy" Then oClientAction.PerformAction
End If

Code Snippet

function repairclient([String] $strComputer)
$SMSCli = [wmiclass] "\\$strComputer\root\ccm:sms_client"


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