Download Azure IaaS System Admin eBook Second Edition

In this post, let’s have a quick discussion about the Azure IaaS System Admin ebook. Most organizations are shifting their on-prem workload to the cloud, and system admins have great opportunities to learn cloud-hosted server infra management.

With the shift in the compute, storage, and network workloads to the cloud, Microsoft’s Azure ecosystem is quickly becoming a critical platform forSystem Admins to grasp and adopt. But how do you leap while maintaining security, manageability, and cost-control?

Whether you’re creating new VMs directly in the cloud, have VMs in your datacenter and are looking to migrate to Azure, or you’re looking to manage VMs with cloud-based tools regardless of where they live, The SysAdmin Guide to Azure Infrastructure as a Service (Iaas) will teach you to set up and maintain a high-performing Azure IaaS environment.

eBook Azure Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) for System Admin

Let’s have a quick look at the details of the free eBook Azure Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) for System Admin. This eBook is written by veteran IT consultant and trainer Paul Schnackenburg. Altaro’s free 100+ page second edition eBook covers the following topics.

Download Azure IaaS System Admin eBook Second Edition
Download Azure IaaS Free ebook Download Azure IaaS System Admin eBook Second Edition

VM sizing and deployment
Storage and networking
Security and identity
Infrastructure as code
Back up and replication
Azure Active Directory
Azure Arc

You’ll also learn how to operate groups of VMs, deploy resources based on templates, manage security, and automate your infrastructure. There are also two new chapters on Automanage and Azure Arc to help you bring a lot of automation to IaaS, all lessening the burden on your time.

One thing that has changed significantly over the past couple of years is the shift towards making IaaS VMs more like PaaS services. VMs are great, but they require a lot of maintenance and care, whereas all the business is interested in are the applications and data that run inside them. This explains the popularity of PaaS services such as managed Kubernetes (AKS) and Azure Functions (serverless).

Download Azure IaaS System Admin eBook Second Edition

If you’re new to the cloud (or have experience with Amazon Web Services and/or Google Cloud Platform but not Azure), this eBook will cover the basics as well as advanced skills.

And given how fast things change in the cloud, it covers the why (as well as the how) so that as features and interfaces are updated, you’ll know how to proceed.

Make the cloud work for you – download your free copy today!

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