Extend Intune Trial Subscription Validity Version | Expire

Let’s learn how to Extend Intune Trial Subscription Validity Version | Expire. As I showed in the below video, you can extend the Intune MEM trial version for 90 days. You will be able to use all the functions of MEM Intune for 90 days without paying any money to Microsoft.

Microsoft Intune trial is only for 90 days, and then you can extend it to another 30 days. I used MEM intune trial version for teaching free Intune courses for the HTMD Community members. In total, you can 120 days of free Intune trial license.

I have explained the entire process in the video below. Also, HTMD Community conducted 69 episodes of Intune MEM training to help the community members. 63 Episodes Of Free Intune Training For Device Management Admins.

To extend the Intune MEM license, you must follow the steps below. First, you will need to login to the Microsoft admin center portal with an administrator account to extend the existing Intune trial version.

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  • Login to admin.microsoft.com
  • Go to Your Products Tab
  • Search for Intune trial or EMS or Microsoft 365 trial product that you have already purchased.
  • From the Billing column and click on Entend Trial link to start the Intune trial extension process.
Extend Intune Trial Subscription Validity Version | Expire 1
Extend Intune Trial Subscription Validity Version | Expire 9

You will need to add the credit card details to extend the Intune trial version, but Microsoft won’t charge you anything for the trial extension.

As you can see, I already have credit card information added to the admin.microsoft.com portal or tenant. This makes the trial version extension easier. I clicked on Extend Trial button to complete the process of Intune trial extension.

Extend Intune Trial Subscription Validity Version | Expire 2
Extend Intune Trial Subscription Validity Version | Expire 10

You can now see the confirmation message on the extension of Intune trial version. This is good news for the I.T. admins to learn and test Intune for free!

Extend Intune Trial Subscription Validity Version | Expire 3
Extend Intune Trial Subscription Validity Version | Expire 11

Video Extend Intune Trial Subscription Validity

**Updated on 22nd June 2020 with the latest Option

Extend Intune Trial Subscription Validity Version | Expire

OLD Method to Extend Intune Trial Version

Initially, I tried to call Microsoft CSS to extend the Intune subscription without any success. The people in CSS support are not aware of any process to extend the Intune trial subscription. I’ve reached out (again) to Gerry; he was super helpful and provided a tip that we should NOT contact CSS for intune trial extension.

Rather, there is another support number for Microsoft Online Services Customer Support. Following is the mail I got from the Microsoft Online Support team upon extension Microsoft Intune trial.

Intune Trial Extension Email Extend Intune Trial Subscription Validity
Extend Intune Trial Subscription Validity Version

To extend your Microsoft Intune trial subscription, you need to contact numbers (of respective location) in the following link “Microsoft Online Services Customer Support.”

This support number can be used for Office 365 trial version and Microsoft Intune trial version extension! If you want to purchase Microsoft Intune (Microsoft Intune With Microsoft Desktop Operating System) for 1 user license at INR Rs. 660.00 per-user licenses, per month. More details about Microsoft Intune licensing costs in the following session

The costing information is subject to change at any time. Please refer to Microsoft online resources for LIVE costing (As Microsoft mentioned here *Pricing reflected is approximate and may be subject to revision). One user can only manage a maximum of 5 devices and 20 G.B. of cloud storage. For the trial version, we’ve 25 user licenses !!

Intune Trial Version Purchase
Extend Intune Trial Subscription Validity Version

How to Purchase Microsoft Intune? If you’ve already signed in for a trial version and wanted to purchase it after your permitted trial run, the following link is ” https://account.manage.microsoft.com/Commerce/Catalog.aspx ” will get you to the Purchase subscriptions options in the Microsoft Intune console.

Intune Trial Version Purchase 1
Extend Intune Trial Subscription Validity Version

Don’t get confused with the amount (INR 360/- per user per month) shown up in the below screenshot (I know, it’s mentioned that the cost is INR 660/- per user per month) if you look at the following picture you can see that it shows ONLY “Microsoft Intune” offering. It charges Rs. 360.00 per user license, per month. It’s different from Microsoft Intune with Microsoft Operating System license offering.

Intune Trial Version Purchase 2
Extend Intune Trial Subscription Validity Version

Old Information about Intune Licenses

What is the difference between the license offerings Microsoft Intune with  Microsoft Desktop Operating System and just Microsoft Intune ?

As per the latest Microsoft Intune Licensing Data Sheet, Microsoft offers two kinds of licenses for Microsoft Intune services. 1. Microsoft Intune  Add-On and 2. Microsoft Intune:- I ASSUME that Microsoft Intune offering (RS 360.00 /- which you can see on the purchase page above) is Microsoft Intune Add-ON (this is useful when you already have an SCCM 2012 environment). Microsoft Intune with Microsoft Desktop Operating System (INR 660/-) is Microsoft’s offering that includes Intune and SCCM 2012 licenses. I’m not an expert in licensing, so this is the interpretation that I could make out from the Licensing datasheet.

P.S.: A few months back, Microsoft had another license offering called Microsoft Intune with Windows Software Assurance, and now they’ve removed it. MPSA: Microsoft Products and Services Agreement; CSP: Cloud Solution Provider; MOSP: Microsoft Online Subscription Program.

Intune Trial Version Purchase 3



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