Free SCCM Scripts Addons Tools – Download Tools from Console?

Learn about Free SCCM Scripts Addons Tools – Download Tools from Console? Free SCCM Scripts, Extensions, & Addons are useful for device management admins.

As I always mention, the SCCM community is one of the best IT technical communities. It continues to provide many valuable tools to make SCCM admins life easy.

What is Opinion from Community?

What is the opinion from the community itself on free SCCM Scripts, extension tools, and add-ons? I ran a poll to understand one of the largest SCCM Facebook Community groups.

All the SCCM community tools are helpful. Every day new SCCM Scripts, extensions, and Addons are getting, and this is incredible.

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Free SCCM Scripts
Free SCCM Scripts Addons Tools – Download Tools from Console? 1

I don’t want to rank any of the tools as number one here. I know all free SCCM Scripts, extensions, and Add-ons are tremendous, and that is why SCCM admins are in love with all of them.

All the credit goes to owners of those tools, loads of efforts went into these tools.

I recently did a blog about SCCM documentation Script, and that was a lifesaver for me in one of the production issues. I’m sure there will be many life-saving stories about many other free tools from the SCCM community.

Download Free SCCM Community Tools from Console?

Do you think about an option where the SCCM community can host their tools in a common platform like the SCCM admin console? SCCM preview version already has a workspace called community. What are the features coming to that place? Stay tuned.


Microsoft is aware of the strength of the SCCM community, and they build a portion in the SCCM admin console to host all these free community tools.

This workspace of the SCCM console is called COMMUNITY. This workspace is available only in SCCM preview versions. I hope this will be one of the limelight features of upcoming SCCM releases?

Where in SCCM console ? Naviagte to \Community\Documentation

  • \Community\Hub – Free SCCM Scripts and Community tools will be available here??
  • \Community\Feedback
  • \Community\Documentation
Free SCCM Scripts
Free SCCM Scripts Addons Tools – Download Tools from Console? 2

One Stop Shop for all Free SCCM Scripts & Community Tools?

Seth Coussens from Cireson has prepared a great post to present all the free SCCM scripts, add-ons, and extensions. I would recommend reading his post to get more details about the tools and how did he review each tool.

The post mentioned above is a segregated tool into several categories. The following categories are based on SCCM features. I would appreciate the idea of segregating the tools based on the functionality of SCCM.

Infrastructure Tools
Intune Scripts/Tools
Configuration Items
Application Management
Software Updates
OS Deployment
Frontend Tools
Windows 10 Servicing
Helpdesk Tools


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