Future of SCCM ConfigMgr Admins Are you Worried | Configuration Manager | ConfigMgr

Future of SCCM ConfigMgr Admins Are you Worried | Configuration Manager | ConfigMgr? I keep getting these questions via different social media interactions and User Group meetings. So the truth is SCCM admins are really worried about their future.

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SCCM admin spends the 5-10 years of their IT career mastering the product SCCM / ConfigMgr. In this post, we will see more details about “Are you Worried About the Future of SCCM ConfigMgr Admins”.

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There are many questions in SCCM admin’s minds, and one of them is, “With all this hype and push towards the cloud-based SaaS services like Microsoft Intune, what will be the future of SCCM and its admins”.

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Future of SCCM ConfigMgr Admins?

In this post, I would like to share Microsoft’s internal SCCM admin’s new roles and responsibilities based on Brad’s podcast mentioned below.

SCCM is becoming a core business-critical system (so as SCCM admins) which includes Antimalware, patching, and managing access policies (Conditional Access policies via Intune) to get the mail access and critical data access of your organization. SCCM admins are empowered with new capabilities and responsibilities in your organization.


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Are you Worried About the Future of SCCM ConfigMgr Admins
Future of SCCM ConfigMgr Admins Are you Worried | Configuration Manager | ConfigMgr

I do think the future is very bright for SCCM admins. When you think from a broader perspective, SCCM admins are becoming a more integral part of a company with a Core business-critical system.

SCCM admin’s profile will not be limited to patching and application deployment (as critics say – but we know we do a lot more than that). The ITC Podcast Part 2 by Brad Anderson and Kelly Pranghofer provides more insight into this issue.

So Microsoft is continuously listening to the SCCM community and responding to our worries. Microsoft is already deployed SCCM 2012 SP2 with Intune in their environment, as I mentioned in my post here.

Now things are getting centralized via SCCM, and SCCM Admins are going significantly influential individuals in each organization. Keep learning SCCM admins, don’t stop learning SCCM/Intune. More help regarding learning SCCM here.

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9 thoughts on “Future of SCCM ConfigMgr Admins Are you Worried | Configuration Manager | ConfigMgr”

  1. Hi Anoop,

    I am totally new to SCCM 2012 & also to servers. I have having few issues with the sccm server. In the site status it gives me management point critical & also shows 0bytes. Again in component status it shows sms_mp_control _manager as critical availability unknown. My sccm server does not have internet connection. Also all my client are showing as inactive. Please help.



  2. Hi Anoop ,

    Mpcontrol.logs shows no errors. But the date & time it shows in the log is of august 2013. Is it possible to attach the log files. Please help as i am totally new to this .



    • MPControl.log says “200 OK” or something else ? Date and Time. I would suggest you to restart the SCCM server after taking necessary approvals. That may help to fix the date issues which you can see in the logs also I may expect some help towards entire troubleshooting of SCCM issue

  3. Hi ,

    mpcontrol.log says call to httpsendrequestSync Succeeded for port 80 with the status code 200, text:ok sms_mp_control_manager 8/22/2013. As you mentioned before i have restarted the sccm 2012 server 3-4 times . its not showing current date.


  4. Hi Anoop,

    when i go to c:\program files\Microsoft configuration Manager\ it gives error in mpsetup.logs. error:- fatal msi error-mp.msi could not be installed.
    mp.msi exited with return code:1603



  5. HI anoop,

    I m looking to join sccm.. please tell how will be the future for sccm2012. As im working as Desktop engineer L1 and my age is 35. I would like to change the domain from desktop to sccm admin.

    What are the question needed to be in mind before attending the interview.


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