How to Expand SCCM CB Standalone Primary server with CAS server

How can we expand the SCCM CB stand-alone primary server?  In this post, we will see how to expand the stand alone primary server and attach that server to CAS. We need to install a SCCM CB CAS server from the latest source files, we can get the latest source files from the stand alone primary server’s CD.Latest folder. More details about CD.Latest folder in my previous blog here. When do you want to covert/expand your SCCM CB stand-alone primary server to a hierarchy and install SCCM CB CAS?

The only one reason for this activity is “If your SCCM CB stand alone primary server and it is going out of support in terms of maximum number of supported clients”. As per the latest documentation from Microsoft, a stand alone primary server can support up to 175K clients. In case you have exceeded this magical number then you need to expand your stand-alone primary server to SCCM CB hierarchy with CAS.

I’ve created a video tutorial to explain the process of SCCM CB stand-alone primary server expansion. There are some important prerequisites we need to take into consideration before starting the expansion activity.

1) We have to install the new SCCM CB CAS server from the installation media (source files) -CD.Latest Folder- that matches the version of the stand-alone SCCM CB primary site.
2) The SCCM CB stand-alone primary site cannot be configured to migrate data from another SCCM hierarchy. Remove all those migration configuration before expansion.
3) The computer account of the SCCM CB CAS server must be a member of the Administrators group on the stand-alone primary site. You may or can remove this acount after the expansion.
4) The user account that runs setup to install SCCM CB CAS server must have FULL Admin or Infra Admin permissions at the stand-alone primary site.
5)We have to uninstall the following site system roles from the SCCM CB stand-alone primary site before you can expand the site :- Asset Intelligence synchronization point, Endpoint Protection point and Service connection point.
6) The port for the SQL Server Service Broker(4022) must be open between SCCM CB CAS and stand alone primary server.
Snippets from ConfigMgrSetup.log which may help you to trace the installation of CAS and connectivity between SCCM CB primary server:-
INFO: Registering SQL connection to primary site's SQL server BLRITPROCM.BLRITPRO.COM.
INFO: checking whether BLRITPROCM.BLRITPRO.COM is a standalone site and whether it has the matched version
INFO: Creating sender address on primary site BLRITPROCM.BLRITPRO.COM to access CAS site BLREMSCAS.BLRITPRO.COM.
INFO: Creating sender address on CAS site BLREMSCAS.BLRITPRO.COM to access primary site BLRITPROCM.BLRITPRO.COM.
INFO: Stored SQL Server computer certificate for Server [BLREMSCAS.BLRITPRO.COM] successfully on [BLRITPROCM.BLRITPRO.COM].
Successfully bulk copied file [C:\SEDO_LockableObjectTypes_bcp.bcp] into table [SEDO_LockableObjectTypes] with rows [20]. Configuration Manager Setup 17-08-2016 15:37:58 3936 (0x0F60)
Creating Service Broker routes for site BLR on SQL server BLREMSCAS.BLRITPRO.COM. ConfigurationManager Setup 17-08-2016 15:38:43 3936 (0x0F60)
INFO: RCM received a message from "BLRITPROCM.BLRITPRO.COM", BCP initialization has started. Configuration Manager Setup 17-08-2016 15:47:36 3576 (0x0DF8)
References :-
Expand the standalone primary server here
Installation of CAS server here

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11 thoughts on “How to Expand SCCM CB Standalone Primary server with CAS server”

  1. Hi – Pretty good instruction on CAS install.

    I was wondering do, I need to run WSUS on CAS. I have installed WSUS on PRI. Haven’t completed the configuration with software updates and stuff on PRI.



      • You don’t need a CAS at all if your client count is not more than 150k. Please please avoid CAS it’s big overhead.
        The only supported method to attach CAS is:
        1. You should have standalone primary
        2. Install a CAS and during the installation of the CAS you can attach standalone primary to CAS

      • I need the CAS, it is prerequisite of the company. I installed CAS but didn’t attach the primary site. After installing CAS I set up 3 primary sites. What do you recommend? Reinstall all?

      • Can I use migrate services of sccm, right?
        I create a new primary server on CAS hierarchy and use migrate from old to new?
        Can I keep everything? applications, compliance?

        Sorry for these many questions

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