How to Monitor SAP Application Servers with SCOM OpsMgr

Monitoring SAP systems, Application and Database are a multi-faceted exercise and with this complexity reaching optimal performance is not an easy goal. SCOM/OpsMgr natively can’t handle the integrities of entire SAP environment. Rather, we need to have SCOM SAP Management Pack (MP) to monitor the SAP server infrastructure. I would prefer to have only one monitoring solution for entire enterprise application servers rather than using application specific monitoring for each application servers. In this case, for SAP, we can use Self-Monitoring of the Monitoring and Alerting Infrastructure within SAP. However it would be difficult to handle different consoles to monitor different applications. I would prefer to use SCOM/OpsMgr as single plane of glass for all the application monitoring.

NiCE provides SAP Management Pack for SCOM and you can get more details here.


The NiCE SAP MP for SCOM was designed to integrate seamlessly with SCOM/OpsMgr. The SAP MP has an easy to deploy architecture that does not require additional servers, proxies, or appliances to be installed. It can connect directly to standalone SAP Systems or Solution Managers with automatic discovery of all satellite systems.This monitoring solution was designed to increase the productivity of both the Microsoft SCOM administrator and operator, providing them the ability to quickly identify problems.

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