Intune Reporting Strategies Advanced Reporting Options from Ignite 2019

Intune Reporting

Intune Advanced Reporting details are discussed in the Ignite session What’s new in Microsoft Endpoint Manager, including Microsoft Intune and Configuration Manager (Part 2 of 2) by Paul Mayfield, Terrell Cox, and Micro-Scott. More details about the session and Intune Reporting are given below.

Ignite 2019 Coverage

  1. Microsoft Endpoint Management SCCM Intune Windows Updates
  2. Microsoft Endpoint Manager is the future of SCCM Intune MEMMI MEMCM
  3. iOS Android macOS Mobile Enrollment Options with Intune
  4. Basics of Windows Dynamic Update Explained Update Management
  5. WVD End User Experience Availability Updates
  6. MSIX Updates from Ignite Reliability Network Disk-space
  7. Microsoft Learning Certification Exams Updates
  8. On-Prem WVD Options Azure Quantum Qualys Scan Integration
  9. Intune Reporting Strategies Advanced Reporting (this post)


Microsoft improved Intune reporting significantly and you can see the Intune reporting options in this post. Check out the resources section of the post to get more details.

NOTE! – All the screenshots are taken from the demo and slides of ignite session.

Intune advanced reporting:

  • Operational
    • Timely
    • Focused
    • Actionable
  • Organizational
    • Broad
    • Aggregated
    • Scheduled
  • Historical
    • Trends
    • Metrics
    • Analytics
  • Specialist (Azure Log Analytics)
    • Query
    • Join
    • Alertable

Operational Reports – In-console Reporting

Operational Reports means In-console troubleshooting and other reports which are already available in Intune.

Organizational Reports – Device Compliance

Organizational reports – device compliance report –

NOTE! – This might not work just now (coming soon)

Organizational Reports - Intune Reporting
Organizational Reports – Intune Reporting

Historical -Trends

Historical report example given is Trends –

NOTE! – This might not work just now (coming soon)

Historical - Intune Reporting
Historical – Intune Reporting
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Specialist Reports – Azure Log Analytics Reports

Specialist Azure log Analytics reports url –

NOTE! – This might not work just now (coming soon)

Intune Reporting Specialist Reports
Specialist Reports –

Intune Custom Dashboard – Azure WorkBooks Reports

Microsoft Endpoint Manager – Intune custom dashboards Azure WorkBooks URL (You might not have access at this point of time) –

NOTE! – This might not work just now (coming soon)

 Intune Custom Dashboard - Intune Reporting
Intune Custom Dashboard

Session – Intune Reporting



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