How to Manually Sync Intune Policies ASAP from Enrolled Devices

There are two scenarios where we need to sync the Intune policies as soon as possible from end user devices. One scenario is when you have to test the policy changes on the test devices ASAP. The second scenario is when you need to troubleshoot an issue on a user’s device. What is the default sync time for devices? Different platforms have different default sync timings (policy refresh timings). So, policy refresh intervals for Devices managed by Microsoft Intune are hard coded. Following are the default Intune policy refresh intervals :-

  • iOS and Mac OS X: Every 6 hours.
  • Android: Every 8 hours.
  • Windows Phone: Every 8 hours.
  • Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 PCs enrolled as devices: Every 8 hours.
When the devices have just enrolled, the Intune policy check-in frequency will be more frequent more details as follows:-
  • iOS and Mac OS X: Every 15 minutes for 6 hours, and then every 6 hours.
  • Android: Every 3 minutes for 15 minutes, then every 15 minutes for 2 hours.
  • Windows Phone: Every 5 minutes for 15 minutes, then every 15 minutes for 2 hours.
  • Windows PCs enrolled as devices: Every 3 minutes for 30 minutes.

How to Manually Sync Intune Policies ASAP from Enrolled Devices 2

In the scenarios explained above, the user can’t wait for default policy refresh cycle. In some scenarios, user doesn’t need to wait for the default refresh time intervals rather Intune will immediately notify the devices to sync ASAP. Those scenarios are wipe, lock, passcode reset, new app deployment, new profile deployment (Wi-Fi, VPN, email, etc.), or new policy deployment.

Windows Devices – How to Manually Sync to refresh Intune Policies

Different device platforms have different options to manually initiate a sync with Intune. For Windows devices, there are two options to immediately sync the device or user Intune policies. First option is to Settings – Accounts – Access work or school – Work or School Account – Info – Sync. The second option is open the following URL “” and sign in with corporate user name and password (in case SSO is not working for enrolled device). Select the device which you have logged in from the device list (if user has more than one device). Once you are there then, click on compliance check link and wait for it wo complete. If your Windows 10 device has Intune company portal installed then, you can use the following method to immediately initiate the Intune policy sync.

How to Manually Sync Intune Policies ASAP from Enrolled Devices 3iOS/Android Devices – How to manually sync to refresh Intune policies

iOS and Android devices come to Intune management via an application called Intune company portal. Hence, Intune company portal app is the place where you can go and check for changed Intune policies. This will help user to get the updated policies immediately applied to the device. Open the company portal app and go to my devices – click on the Android or iOS device which you are using, click on the check compliance link. This will initiate a new policy sync with Intune and intern check the compliancy of the iOS or Android device.

How to Manually Sync Intune Policies ASAP from Enrolled Devices 4


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9 thoughts on “How to Manually Sync Intune Policies ASAP from Enrolled Devices”

  1. Hi
    How can I redeploy the same profile on the device.
    I found that when profile (for example with widnows defender setting) first time is appled to machine, some process create registry key HKLM\Software\Policys\Microsoft\Windows Defender\Policy Manager and values accroding to the settings confiured on the portal.
    But when I delete this values this process not create again this values during next sync.
    It is look like profile have some flag to Apply only one time .
    Is possible to profile reapply on every sync process and recreate this values on the registry?

  2. Hi Anoop,
    How does it work with MAM?
    For example, on iPhone, they have Microsoft authenticator which “pass” the policy through it
    you don’t have to use Intune company portal app.
    there is a way to enforce sync without the Intune company portal?

    • Sort of, according to Microsoft’s official documentation you need the company portal app installed anyway for MAM. You don’t need to enroll just have it installed and the user logged in.

      Forcing a sync for MAM is nearly impossible, it’s just a case of waiting 🙁

      • It depends on which OS. For Android MAM yes, you just need to install company portal app and NO NEED Configure it. For iOS, you need to have Microsoft Authenticator application to felicitate MAM functionality !

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