MECM 1910 is Generally Available Now!

Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager (MECM) 1910 is generally available now. Microsoft released the opt-in version of MECM 1910 on 30th Nov 2019.

I have explained and shown most of these new features in theĀ video tutorial. I think SCCM 1910 production version will be available in all SCCM consoles if it satisfies the following conditions.

MEMCM 1910 MECM 1910 MECM 1910 is Generally Available Now!
MECM 1910 is Generally Available Now!

SCCM 1910 Hotfix

As per David James from Microsoft, the SCCM 1910 hotfixes for the early versions of Fast ring/opt-in versions of SCCM 1910 installations will be available soon. I think this will be available on the 23rd of Dec 2019.

SCCM 1910 KB 4535819 – only for early update ring –

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MECM 1910 Installation Guide

Open the ConfigMgr console and click Check updates, as you can see in the below screenshot.

MECM 1910 Released
MECM 1910

Video Tutorial

New Features of MEMCM 1910

New Features of MEMCM 1910

Let’s find out the latest features of the SCCM/ConfigMgr 1910 version. What Is New In MECM SCCM 1910 Features A Walkthrough HTMD Blog (


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