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Microsoft Intune Wiki. Microsoft Intune is build based on top of the Microsoft Malware Protection Engine as per Mary Jo Foley’s report. Microsoft Intune was called Windows Intune.

It seems that Microsoft Intune development is started with System Center Online Desktop Manager and then Microsoft renamed it to Windows Intune. So Microsoft didn’t purchase any 3rd product and revamped it to Intune.

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FUN Intune SCCM Quiz Questions – Microsoft Intune Wiki

Q1. What is the percentage of Enterprise PCs Managed by SCCM?
A1. 75% 
Q2. What is the first code name for SCCM?
A2. Hermes
Q3. Which is one of the world’s largest Cloud services (1B devices every month)?
A3. Windows Update
Q4. First code name of Microsoft Intune?
A3. "Florida," for those keeping score at home
Q5. What is SCODM (I know you heard SCOM SCCM but what is SCODM)
A5. It's nothing but System Center Online Desktop Manager. Alpha version of Microsoft Intune

Update – Before going through the OLD list below and most of them are already obsolete (already). I would suggest to go through the new post – Newbies Intune Bible to Learn Mobile Device Management 

InTune FAQs !! – Microsoft Intune Wiki

Microsoft Intune is nothing but a combination of Device, Application, Information Protection, Endpoint Protection (antivirus software), and Security/Configuration policy management solution facilitated by Microsoft in Cloud. Lighter Version of SCCM or ConfigMgr in the cloud! Microsoft Intune Wiki

With the Microsoft Intune cloud service, IT staff can remotely perform a number of security and management tasks.

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These tasks include management of updates, endpoint protection to help safeguard PCs from malware threats, and inventory management so IT and end users can remain productive from virtually anywhere. The only other thing required is an Internet connection.

AD integration is possible through Windows Intune. Once AD is integrated, we can use AD security groups to deploy applications through InTune. AD integration is not very straightforward. There are loads of ingredients in that AD sync, Azure AD, and then On-Prem AD, etc… Microsoft Intune Wiki.

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What Is Microsoft InTune – Microsoft Intune Wiki

Microsoft Intune is an integrated, cloud-based client management solution that provides tools, reports, and upgrade licenses to the latest version of Windows, and Windows Intune helps keep your computers up-to-date and secure. It’s basically Cloud (lighter) version of SCCM/ConfigMgr.

InTune Product PDF Guide Oct 2011

Intune Product PDF Guide June 2012

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How to deploy applications through Intune?

How to add a Device to a Device Group?

How to Upload a Software to Intune ?

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