Monitor Cisco Routers Switches with SCOM and Xian Network Manager

Xian Network Manager‘s flow monitoring feature gives you a heads-up whenever traffic behaves out of the ordinary, so you can be on top of the issue before priority one issue is raised. Xian NM helps us by notifying you every configuration change that was made on a Cisco Routers, Switches etc.  This helps to improve the IT infrastructure experience for all the organizations. Netflow feature of Xian NM will help us to have a clearer picture of what traffic is passing through. Adding a device or server is very quick and simple as shown in the screen capture below. Very easily we can  add plugins like Cisco PIX Firewalls, Cisco VPN Concentrators etc..Xian Network Manager-1

Xian Network Monitor provides rich capabilities with pre defined rules, notification features, Syslog message filters, policy templates etc… Xian Network Manager-2

Xian Network Manager has loads if pre defined rules like CPU load,UDP ports open,end to end traffic analyzer, Established TCP connections, Open Active TCP connections etc. A large number of out of the box rules makes configuration easy.Xian Network Manager-3

Using Xian Network Monitor, we can easily setup Syslog alert forwarding to SCOM/OpsMgr.

Xian Network Manager-4

The configuration of Xian Network Manager with SCOM is very straight forward. Devices discovered in Xian NM will automatically get appeared in SCOM.

Xian Network Manager-5

Xian Network Manager helps us to get diagrammatic view of the device. It’s very easy to filter the network path by health etc..

Xian Network Manager-6

Xian come with a large number of specially made custom reports for each Management Pack.
Xian Network Manager-7 Xian Network Manager-8

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