New Banner Notification on Teams Classic Client

Breaking News! New Banner Notification on Teams Classic Client. In a recent announcement, Microsoft revealed that the original version (OG) of Microsoft Teams will retire on March 31, 2024. This marks a significant transition for users of the classic Teams interface.

Get ready within 75 days until the new Microsoft Teams client cutover. Starting on February 1, classic Teams users will get a banner to remind them about the update timeline. You can dismiss this banner, but it will reappear with each Team’s client launch.

If any user is not manually updated to the new Teams version, It will be automatically migrated after the retirement date. Before the retirement date, users are encouraged to stay informed and take proactive steps to transition smoothly to the new Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft took action in mid-April 2023 by retiring the Microsoft Teams Free (classic) license. IT admins must ensure timely migration to paid licenses to maintain uninterrupted user access.

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New Banner Notification on Teams Classic Client - Fig.1
New Banner Notification on Teams Classic Client – Fig.1

Can Users Dismiss the Update Notifications?


Users can dismiss update notifications, but it is important to note that these notifications reappear with each Teams client launch.

New Banner Notification on Teams Classic Client

The retirement of Microsoft Team is a part of Microsoft’s ongoing efforts to provide users with an enhanced and updated Teams experience. It ensures access to the latest features and improvements.

While launching the MS Teams, you get a new notification that the “Classic Teams won’t be available for use after March 2024. You will be switched to the new Team after this date.”

New Banner Notification on Teams Classic Client - Fig. 2
New Banner Notification on Teams Classic Client – Fig. 2

Enhanced Performance of the New Teams

The new classic Team provide you with many positive changes. It offers double the performance of the older version. No additional training is needed for the new Team. The new Team successfully addresses and resolves all reliability issues. It ensures a smoother and more reliable user experience. Upgrade to the new Teams for better performance.

New Banner Notification on Teams Classic Client - Fig.3
New Banner Notification on Teams Classic Client – Fig.3

Method for Transitioning Teams Licenses

Different methods are available for Transitioning from Teams Free (classic) licenses to paid Teams licenses. They are as follows.

  • Using the Microsoft 365 admin center
  • Using Microsoft PowerShell

For detailed instructions and more information, refer to the Microsoft documentation on the transition process.

Retire Microsoft Teams Free (classic) for your organization – Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Learn

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