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Remove Configuration Manager Distribution Point Installation Guide

I have published install configuration manager distribution point guide in the previous post. In this post, you shall learn how to remove/reinstall distribution point (Remove Configuration Manager Distribution Point). ConfigMgr|SCCM Remove Distribution Point Role Guide.

IMPORTANT! – When you remove a configuration manager distribution point, all the packages distributed to that DP shall get removed. You might need to deploy packages to the DP again even if you are reinstalling it.

Remove Distribution Point Role

Let’s see how to remove/uninstall a configuration manager distribution point. The following are the steps you need to:

  • Navigate – \Administration\Overview\Site Configuration\Servers and Site System Roles
  • Right Click on Distribution Point and Select Remove
  • Click on Yes to confirm the removal of DP role from the site system server

Prerequisite – Make sure the SCCM remote site server computer account is part of Local Administrators group before you remove distribution point role on a site system server.

Remove Distribution Point Role
SCCM Distribution Point – Removal – ConfigMgr|SCCM Remove Distribution Point Role
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Log Files to Confirm Distribution Point Removal

You can review the Hman.log log file to know the status of the successful completion of Configuration manager distribution point removal process.

Remove Distribution Point Role
HMAN.log to check the removal of SCCM DPRemove Distribution Point Role
Server Info of site TP4 has not changed.HMAN will not update the DPInfo table in the database.
Distribution Points of site TP4 have changed. Update the DistributionPoints table in the database.
Updated DP ["Display=\\SCCMTP2.Intune.com\"]MSWNET:["SMS_SITE=TP4"]\\SCCMTP2.Intune.com\. DBCRC:3C53E82D,NewCRC:7635C56,Action:0,PDP:0,PullDP:0 
Server Info of site
TP4 has changed. Update the DPInfo table in the database.
Distribution Points of site TP4 have changed. Update the DistributionPoints table in the database. 
Updated DistributionPoints [["Display=\\SCCMTP2.Intune.com\"]MSWNET:["SMS_SITE=TP4"]\\SCCMTP2.Intune.com\], set action to 3. DP will be deleted for this site 
No need to remove default DP sender address for distribution point
[["Display=\\SCCMTP2.Intune.com\"]MSWNET:["SMS_SITE=TP4"]\\SCCMTP2.Intune.com\], since it does not exists for this distribution point   

Reinstall Distribution Point Role

You need to follow the installation process I explained in the previous blog post to reinstall the Configuration Manager (SCCM) Distribution Point.

Remove Distribution Point Role
Install Configuration Manager Distribution Point – Remove Distribution Point Role

Resources – Remove a Distribution Point


  1. Hello,

    i have a branch office will the bandwith is 6,2 4 Mo.

    I want to know if are sufficient to install a Distribution Point.

    Best regards,
    Jack Holman

    • It depends on the content/packages/applications source files that you distribute to remote DP. I normally try to avoid creating remote DPs when it’s at the end of saturated WAN network.

  2. I have some sites with 10 Mbits and 40 Users or more, and the majority of sites they have 2 Mbits link to datacenter where my SCCM server is installed so, for you it is recommanded to link these sites with 2 Mbits to datacneter ?


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