Cosmetic Issue with SCCM 1710 Service Manager GUI ConfigMgr

There is a cosmetic issue with SCCM 1710 and Hotfix Rollup KB 4057517 service manager. The Service Manager console GUI had a GUI bug in the SCCM CB 1710 version. But it’s not fixed with roll-up hotfix released recently. The KB 4057517 fixed 13 known issues, but it didn’t fix the service manager console cosmetic bug.

The same bug is there in SCCM Technical Preview version 1712 as well. There is no technical impact because of this issue, but it’s good to have a fix for this. Everything works as expected, but just a cosmetic problem. I hope, this will get fixed in 1802 production version.

What is SCCM Service Manager?

Service Manager helps SCCM admins to troubleshoot SCCM issues. And it also helps to learn how each component work. Service Manager enables you to manipulate various SCCM services and threads. More details:-

Patch My PC
Query Individual SCCM Components 
Stop Individual SCCM Components
Start Individual SCCM Components
Pause Individual SCCM Components
Resume Individual SCCM Components
Stop Individual SCCM Components
Enable Logging Changes to SCCM Components
Clear status of SCCM Components

Where is SCCM CB Service Manager?

I have a post which talks about how to launch SCCM service manager. More details “Where is Tools ConfigMgr Service Manager Option in SCCM Console“. The Service Manager console can be launched from SCCM CB console via “\Monitoring\Overview\System Status\ Component Status”. Right click on the any of the SCCM components and click on Start – Configuration Manager Service Manager. Launching Service Manager from SCCM 2007 console was easy. But in SCCM CB it’s hidden as shown in the following screen capture.

SCCM 1710 Cosmetic Issue with Service Manager GUI

What is the Bug with SCCM Service Manager GUI?

In a typical scenario, if we click on LOGGING option from Service manager then, it is possible to see related log file name and path for that component. You can also set a new filename. With this bug, the LOGGING option doesn’t seem to show the LOG file name and path. Instead, it just shows the DRIVE letter of the SCCM installation drive.

Configuration manager component logging – Single Component windows give following options as part of SCCM troubleshooting. We can disable the logging for that component, check the log file name and size of the log file for that components.

1E Nomad
Checked the box enabled - Logging Enabled
Log Filename - C (This is the BUG)
Log size (MB) - 15
SCCM 1710 Cosmetic Issue with Service Manager GUI

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