To Fix 13 Issues Install Hotfix KB4057517 of SCCM CB 1710 Configuration Manager ConfigMgr

SCCM Product group released most awaited rollup hotfix KB4057517 for SCCM CB 1710. No need to “separately” download the hotfix KB 40575517. Instead, it will be available within your SCCM CB 1710 console.

This fix won’t be visible on the servers if you are not upgraded to 1710 version of SCCM. From my perspective, this is must install a hotfix for SCCM. This has the fix for 13 documented issues with the current production version of SCCM.

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I completed the upgrade on my LAB environment and uploaded

To Fix 13 Issues, Install Hotfix KB4057517 of SCCM CB 1710 1

I would recommend testing the installation of the rollup hotfix KB4057517 on your pre-prod or staging environment before installing the hotfix on production SCCM servers. Read rollup hotfix KB4057517 release note here.

Patch My PC

Console Version 5.00.8577.1108
Site Version 5.0.8577.1000

Install Hotfix KB4057517 of SCCM CB 1710
To Fix 13 Issues, Install Hotfix KB4057517 of SCCM CB 1710 2

13 Fixes Included in SCCM CB 1710 in KB4057517

  1. Azure AD Authentication with SCCM MP issue
  2. SCCM clients fall back faster than the time that is a specified issue
  3. Retrying a large single-file download – Office 365 update files
  4. Download failures-Office 365 Application Installation Wizard
  5. Persist content in the client cache related issues
  6. SCCM Client Notification Restart request is processed incorrectly
  7. Decommission-related State message – CO-Management incorrectly
  8. State messages sent by Azure AD users issues
  9. Windows Server 2008 SP2 – SCCM Clients are not upgraded issues
  10. The client restarts the issues process of retrying a TS policy download
  11. Conditional Access Policy Issues for Domain Joined machines
  12. The download of express updates may fail for Windows 10
  13. Office 365 Client Installation wizard related issues

How to Install Hotfix KB4057517 on SCCM Secondary Servers

I don’t have secondary servers in my lab environment. But I would recommend you to follow the instructions in the release notes of rollup hotfix KB4057517. After installing this update on a primary site, pre-existing secondary sites must be manually updated.

To update a secondary site in the Configuration Manager console, click Administration, click Site Configuration, click Sites, click Recover Secondary Site, and select the secondary location. The primary site then reinstalls that secondary site by using the updated files.

Configurations and settings for the secondary site are not affected by this reinstallation. The new, upgraded, and reinstalled secondary sites under that primary site automatically receive this update.


Please run the following SQL Server command on the site database to check whether the updated version of a secondary site matches that of its primary parent site

dbo.fnGetSecondarySiteCMUpdateStatus (‘SiteCode_of_secondary_site’)


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12 thoughts on “To Fix 13 Issues Install Hotfix KB4057517 of SCCM CB 1710 Configuration Manager ConfigMgr”

  1. I have noticed some content issues with Adaptiva purple flagging known good content after applying this patch are you noticing the same?

    • Hi Tony, my name is James Pitcher from Adaptiva Support.

      Sorry to read about your experience here. This is not currently a known issue and is not something I have experienced in testing this update. Please do raise a support ticket with us so we can investigate this issue further for you.

  2. Thanks James,

    I managed to resolve this i updated the package source version on the driver packages and this resolved my issue

  3. Hi,

    just a small question. We are going to upgrade to 1710 tomorrow. Is the Rollup (KB4057517) now already included in the major 1710 release or is there a need to install it after 1710 upgrade separatly?

  4. Hi
    i uipgared my ab with sccm 1710 and hotfix. but a issue stay present.
    during build and capture or osd deployement, the step install software update failed. on the log file, a message is about wua not configured, and the scan detect 0 update. this is a big bug.hope Ms fix it soon.
    for the moment don”t install it.

    • I don’t understand your question After 1710 upgrade and KB 4057517 update you are getting software update error? I didn’t see this error yet. Can you please share the log details?

  5. I have updated to 1710 and KB 4057517. I’m seeing that they aren’t completely finished and I can’t open the updated console.

  6. Thank you Annop for the good article…

    I have a Single Standalone Server with 2x Secondary Sites

    One of my small clients requires a CB1710 upgrade…Quick questions with regards to the Hotfix?

    Step 1 – Perform upgrade to CB 1710 on Primary SiteQuestion 1 – To upgrade the 2x Secondary Servers, do I follow the “Recovery Secondary Site”?

    Step – 2 – Apply the Hotfix on Primary Site
    Question 2 – Will the KB/Hotfix be applied to also 2x Secondary Servers or do I again have to “Recovery Secondary Site”?

    Step 3 – Apply the Office365 Hotfix issued recently.
    Question 3 – Question 2 – Will the KB/Hotfix be applied to also 2x Secondary Servers or do I again have to “Recovery Secondary Site”?

    Question 4 – Where would I turn-on Auto-client upgrade, is it after Step 1 or 2?

    Thank you for your time and your assistance.

    • @Lukholo jeneto – Once you upgrade to 1710 you can check for updates and apply the hotfix. Once successfully applied then upgrade the secondary sites so that they are receive the updated installation files.

      You can turn-on Auto client upgrade from hierarchy settings in client upgrade tab


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