New SCCM CB 1710 Rollup Update KB4088970 for Co-Managed Devices

New SCCM CB 1710 Rollup Update KB4088970 for Co-Managed Devices. Microsoft SCCM team released new rollup update KB 4088970. Is the KB 4088970 not available in your updates and servicing node? Don’t worry. Your SCCM infra is fine without this rollup update. Rollup update is applicable when your SCCM infra satisfies following conditions (prerequisites). Video tutorial to explain the conditions of Rollup Update KB4088970 here.

Prerequisites to get KB 4088970 in SCCM CB 1710

  1. SCCM CB 1710 Rollup HotFix KB4057517 should be installed
  2. Co-Management Feature \Administration\Overview\Cloud Services\Co-management should be enabled on your SCCM environment

Prerequisite  #1

SCCM CB 1710 Rollup HotFix KB4057517 is the major hotfix released by Microsoft SCCM product group. This hotfix contains 13 fixes as I listed “To Fix 13 Issues Install Hotfix KB4057517 of SCCM CB 1710“. If you didn’t install the KB KB4057517 in your SCCM infra then, you won’t get the latest KB4088970 in your updates and servicing node.

SCCM CB 1710 Console via - \Administration\Overview\Updates and Servicing
SCCM CB 1710 Rollup Update KB4088970

Prerequisite #2

The second prerequisite to getting the KB 4088970 in your SCCM environment is related to co-management feature. Are you already using co-management feature in SCCM CB 1710 environment? If so, the KB 4088970 will be available to download and install in your environment.

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You should have one co-management production policy in your SCCM environment as you can see in the above screen capture. More details about the co-management setup are available in my following post. “How to Setup SCCM CB and Intune Co-Management“.

SCCM CB 1710 Console - \Administration\Overview\Cloud Services\Co-management

When do you want to install SCCM KB 4088970 ?

The automatic enrollment process may fail on SCCM, version 1710 clients. A message that resembles the following is recorded in the comanagementhandler.log file on the SCCM client:

Intune Standalone Account ID is null or does not match MDMTenantID.

Note This issue occurs after the installation of KB 4057517, Update rollup for SCCM CB, version 1710.

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Watch this video on YouTube.

What are the DLL changes in SCCM KB 4088970

The English version of this hotfix has the file attributes (or later file attributes) that are listed in the following table.

File nameFile versionFile sizeDateTimePlatform

Resources :-

Automatic enrollment for co-managed device fails in SCCM CB 1710 – here

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