List of SCCM 1806 Hotfixes – Fast and Slow Ring

SCCM 1806 Hotfixes

Microsoft released hotfixes for SCCM 1806 fast and slow rings. SCCM slow ring is an opt-in option to upgrade your SCCM CB infra and client. SCCM 1806 is an in-console update for SCCM 17061710, or 1802 production versions of SCCM. You will see more details about SCCM 1806 Hotfixes in this post.

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List of SCCM 1806 Hotfixes 

There are two(2) releases of SCCM 1806. SCCM 1806 fast ring and SCCM 1806 slow ring. I have installed SCCM 1806 fast ring version in the lab environment. So I have a hotifix KB 4346645 available in the updates and servicing node of SCCM 1806 (Fast Ring).

SCCM 1806 slow ring version is available for all SCCM 1706, 1710, or 1802. This 1806 slow ring version will be available for all the SCCM infra where service connection point is online. The hotfix KB 4459354 is available for SCCM 1806 slow ring.

SCCM 1806 Hotfixes

SCCM 1806 Fast Ring Hotfix – KB 4346645

An update is available to administrators who opted in through a PowerShell script to the first wave (early update ring) deployment for SCCM current branch, version 1806. You can access the update in the Updates and Servicing node of the SCCM console. There are separate SCCM 1806 Hotfixes available for slow and fast rings.

This update KB 4346645 does not apply to sites that downloaded version 1806 on August 10, 2018, or a later date.

SCCM 1806 Slow Ring Hotfix – KB 4459354

An update is available to address important upgrade-related issues for SCCM current branch, version 1806. The issues that are described in this article apply only to sites that upgraded to version 1806 before August 24, 2018.

Video Tutorial – SCCM 1806 Hotfix Installation Experience

In the below video, you will get an experience of SCCM 1806 hotfix KB 4346645.

Hotfixes SCCM Full and Client Version Details

Once you have installed KB 4346645, SCCM 1806 full version is 5.00.8692.1009 and client is 5.00.8692.1008.

Check out the SCCM Full version and client version details of SCCM slow and fast rings. I have marked respective SCCM 1806 hotfixes in red for slow and fast rings.

SCCM 1806 Fast Ring (opt-in) – Full Version is 5.00.8692.1000 and client version is  5.00.8692.1003 = KB 4346645

SCCM 1806 SLOW RING – Full Version is 5.00.8692.1000 and client version is  5.00.8692.1007 = KB 4459354

Once you have installed KB 4459354, SCCM 1806 full version is 5.00.8692.1010 and client is 5.00.8692.1008. There are separate SCCM 1806 Hotfixes available for slow and fast rings.


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