SCCM 1806 Production Version is Released in Slow Ring

SCCM 1806 Slow Ring

Microsoft released SCCM 1806 update via SLOW ring on 17th Aug 2018. If you have an online service connection point, the 1806 update will be available in SCCM console. There is no need to run the opt-in PS script anymore to make SCCM 1806 available. SCCM 1806 slow ring will be available only if your existing SCCM versions are 1706, 1710, or 1802.

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Decision – Previous SCCM Version Hotfixes Installation?

I have seen many questions related to hotfixes for 1802. Do you need to install the hotfixes available for 1802 version (1802 known issues)? The answer to that question is NO. You can skip the hotfixes which are available in 1802 or prior versions.

Is there any changes in SCCM 1806 Slow Vs Fast Ring Versions?

As Per David Jame’s twitter update, there are some small changes in SCCM 1806 fast ring. Also, he mentioned that if there is any need of hotfixes for the installed version of SCCM 1806, it will be available automatically in the console. Check out the SCCM Full version and client version details for more information.

SCCM 1806 Fast Ring (opt-in)Full Version is 5.00.8692.1000 and client version is  5.00.8692.1003

SCCM 1806 SLOW RING Full Version is 5.00.8692.1000 and client version is  5.00.8692.1007

So there are no changes in the full version of the slow ring. However, the SCCM 1806 client version of the slow ring is changed to 5.00.8692.1007.

SCCM 1806 Slow Ring

How to Upgrade to SCCM 1806 Slow Ring?

SCCM 1806 is an in-console update for SCCM 1706, 1710, or 1802 production versions of SCCM. If your SCCM infra is 1702 or lower versions, you have to upgrade the version to any of the supported versions (1706, 1710, or 1802) so that the SCCM 1806 version will be available in your console.

Video tutorial to upgrade 1806 version

SCCM 1806 New Features:-

Rest of the SCCM 1806 new features are explained in the Video tutorial. The following are some of my favourite changes of SCCM 1806 which I explained in the below video tutorial. I would recommend reading Microsoft documentation on new features to get all the details.

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